A Week of Free IT Advice for SME’s - Day 2

A Week of Free IT Advice for SME’s – Day 2

October 7, 2014. Posted by Lee Wrall

Better Safe than Sorry – Backup

The subject of Backup is not sexy but nor can it be ignored. It is a proven fact that SME’s are worse at backing up their data, software and emails than the bigger boys and we are on a mission to change that fact! Strangely this fact is made worse by the fact that a third of all SME’s that suffer a major loss due to insufficient back up go bust within a year of it occurring. Now you can see why we think this issue is sexy! In reality Back Up is not expensive nor is it complicated, the minimum an SME needs is to have a simple off site backup that doesn’t require staff intervention. As part of our mission we want you to ask whoever does your IT Services / Backup to give you a list of what gets backed up and quiz them to make sure it’s adequate. One of the most frequent calls we get is after an issue has occurred which drives us crazy as we can provide a commercial and adequate solution for as little as £20 per month. Give one of our friendly Back Up savvy Geeks or Geeketts a call on 01614523233 and we will advise you further.

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