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Technology is vital to the success of your business and we’re here to help you find and implement solutions that will help you get ahead of your competitors so that you can grow and succeed.

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What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT service is a modern term for an outsourced IT provider. Over the past ten years, we’ve been evolving from an IT Support provider to a managed IT provider. This means we’re a complete replacement for an IT Manager, IT Director or IT Team. Our role is to own your IT completely, from fixing things when they are broken, to developing the technology in your business.

Sounds Familiar?

  • I have a growing business and I need someone to take responsibility for our technology.
  • I’ve got an IT supplier but they are completely reactive, they are not helping drive technology forward in my business or working to improve things. I feel like we’ve outgrown them.
  • My brother’s best friend looks after our IT but I’m worried all our information is in their head!
  • I’m an IT manager but I need someone to be around when I’m not. I currently have no holiday or sickness cover.

Our Managed IT Mission

  • Real, proactive support that involves solving potential issues before they impact your business.
  • Keeping your business secure with the best technology on the market.
  • Finding technology that will help you get ahead of your competitors.
  • Allowing you and your team to work whenever and wherever it suits your business with agile solutions.

Delivering Industry leading Service Level Agreements

Our SLA’s (service level agreements) are amongst the best in the industry and we’re achieving them day in, day out. We’ve made significant investments in technology to track and monitor the service that our customers receive.

We’re committed to continuing to improve our offering by fixing issues before they stop you from working, and getting things done in the minimum amount of time so that you can get on with your day.

Our Managed Services And Business IT Solutions

As a team of managed service providers based in Manchester, we regularly impart our technical excellence and years of experience to implement digital solutions that help to create a modern workplace. Each of our valued clients, from firms in the engineering industry to groups of solicitors, get a bespoke approach. Said approach looks to fix those long-standing issues, and proactively alter systems so that the fundamental relationship companies have with their IT is nothing but positive. 

During the discovery phase, we’ll get to understand your business requirements and the challenges you and your employees face before coming up with a package of IT solutions and digital services that radically transform your company.

Here at Everything Tech, we are proud to be Microsoft Gold Partners, offering midmarket cloud solutions that improve productivity and help employees benefit from a modern workplace. 

The Microsoft Modern Workplace, Teams, and Office 365 make up a huge part of our managed service. The benefits of letting us integrate Microsoft solutions into your business range from easier collaboration to ultimately changing your business operations for the better.

For instance, the aforementioned Office 365 & Cloud service can improve workflows, make it easier to share important documents, and allow teams to talk and work together no matter where they are. Are you finding that, in this new world of work, your employees are struggling to communicate while working from home? Well, Microsoft’s Unified Communications can tie up new and innovative ways of talking into one dashboard to allow for slicker, more natural ways of communicating.

As well as Microsoft Teams and Business Voice, and all the other platforms that we’ve mentioned, we also offer a range of other business IT solutions.

IT Support

One of the solutions we do best is advanced, reactive IT support. Manchester, and the surrounding areas of BoltonBury, and Salford are just some of the locations where our clients have benefited from being able to pick up the phone, report a problem, and have it fixed either remotely or in person in a matter of hours. This level of retained IT support keeps business continuity ticking over and gives employees peace of mind. With Everything Tech, your team will have access to experts who can help them with whatever IT problem they may be facing. 

IT Training

Your business success depends on your employees being able to comfortably use new platforms and systems. Without sufficient training, you’ll quickly find yourself back at square one, having invested significantly in IT that has been rejected by overwhelmed teams. Thankfully, our comprehensive range of IT training courses can help prevent this. Our expert team has years of experience improving overall business knowledge and will ensure your employees feel comfortable using new software and hardware from day one.

Backup And Disaster Recovery

No matter what industry you’re in, be it in architecture or the manufacturing sector, the loss of customer data, product information, or employee records can be devastating. When data loss occurs, time is critical, the longer you wait, the more data is lost. Our backup and disaster recovery team are experts in recovering critical data in minutes, not hours. Monitoring your systems constantly means we can pick up on small lapses before they manifest into something that creates bigger business challenges. 

Cyber Essentials

To help customers and businesses keep their data secure the UK government introduced the Cyber Essentials scheme back in 2014. This certification shows to customers and potential new businesses that you’re an organisation that has passed rigorous quality checks, and have shown that you’re able to house data securely. At Everything Tech, we can help you achieve your Cyber Essentials certification by ensuring you pass the first time around. We’ll assess your current set-up and recommend changes that need to be made in order to achieve this certification, and have the Cyber Essentials logo on your website for all to see.

Want to see how we can help your business?

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise we can offer solutions for all of your IT support needs. Our dedicated and skilled team based in central Manchester will help you get the best out of technology and keep you and your team productive.

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