Digitally transform your business with the Microsoft Modern workplace.

We’re an IT support company based in Manchester. We understand that nobody likes IT problems, they’re annoying, they waste time and can hamper your business’s growth if left to spread. This, as well as plenty of other reasons, is why the team here at Everything Tech are on a mission to help your business with a proactive managed IT service that not only spots problems before they manifest themselves but actively looks for ways to improve your business’s relationship with IT and technology.

During these uncertain times, we know that your business, as well as many others, are adapting to this new normal and our team are looking forward to helping you migrate work to the cloud, ensure there are backup systems in place and that your employees have the technology on hand to do their job, no matter where they are working.

For more information about how our group of experts can help your business with everything from the Microsoft Modern Workplace right the way through to IT Support, Security and Training, fill out the form on the right-hand side or ring us on 0161 452 3233 for Support or 0161 826 2220 for Sales.

We’re a Gold Microsoft Partner which means we have developed a highly collaborative and successful relationship with them and are committed to helping you implement the most efficient Microsoft solutions for your business.

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We like to think we’re pretty different from other IT support businesses, here’s why…


Three lines of defence

Got an issue? Then you’ll immediately be put in touch with our first line of defence who can solve those annoying problems that crop up now and again. However, sometimes life can throw you a curveball so if your IT problem is a little more complex than first anticipated the team on the first line of defence can immediately refer you to the second line or third line of defence which is packed with people who are specialists in more complex IT issues and can have your problem fixed in no time.


A lot of IT support companies will simply react to issues you have, fix them and then just sit back and wait for the next problem. Not us. Here at Everything Tech we constantly review your IT systems and your infrastructure and find ways to improve things so you avoid the problems altogether, because surely that is the real aim, right?

A better way to spend your money

Searching for, buying and maintaining hardware for your employees takes up time and with technology changing every year it’s a waste of money to buy new equipment because it won’t be worth anything in the long run. For one simple fee, our team will help you keep cash in your business and provide you with all, yes all, your hardware and software needs – you’ll never have to think about it again.

Looking for a particular solution?

We can support you across every element of your IT infrastructure, with our services including…

IT Support

Whatever type of IT problem arises, from complete system failures to outdated software, our IT Support service can help you with any issue. For one monthly fee, you’re getting an entire IT department, ready and waiting to resolve issues and offer proactive solutions to your existing IT infrastructure.

IT Security

In a world where the criminals are smarter and always one step ahead of the victims you need an IT security company that is on your side. Our IT Security service will ensure your systems are strong, secure and constantly adapting to ever more sophisticated threats.

Microsoft Teams & Business Voice

The traditional way of working, in an office from 9 until 5, has been completely transformed in the last year or so. This makes it more important than ever that you have services that allow you to remain in contact with your colleagues. Microsoft Teams & Business Voice ensure you don’t lose that all-important connection, regardless of where your team is in the country.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration system that allows your business to work together better. Share information and automate tedious workflow processes seamlessly. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we’re ideally suited to help your teams collaborate creatively and securely.

Office 365 & Cloud Services

Using Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as putting your business in the cloud, can transform the way you work and your ability to help clients in new industries and sectors across the globe. We’ll implement the correct Office 365 solution for your business so you can enjoy the full range of benefits at a price that suits you.

Backup and disaster recovery

Think about the impact server failure, deletion or internet failure can have on your business… scary isn’t it? Unfortunately, businesses don’t think about backing things up or disaster recovery until it’s too late. Luckily, our team does and has the solutions available to create an iron-clad backup infrastructure that reduces your time to recovery from hours to minutes.

Unified Communications

People communicate in a variety of ways these days both in and out of the office. Unified Communications brings together things like instant messaging, Skype, Microsoft Teams as well as voice, video and content sharing which help your staff communicate quicker and more effectively. We’ll knit together a package of communication tools so you can get on with collaborating and growing your business.

Microsoft Dynamics

For SMEs that are expanding their business it should be an exciting time and one that isn’t spent worrying about whether your IT infrastructure can keep up. Microsoft Dynamics grows with you. Apps and services can be added when you need them and it can all be accessed from a simple web browser. We’ll identify which elements of Dynamics are best for you before going ahead and installing them on your computer systems.

Not sure exactly what you need?

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