Why We Love Our Microsoft Surface Pro’s!


As a bunch of Geeks we love new technology!

The positive to this, is that we get to test new kit and “geek toys” continually. The negative to this is we spend a fortune as normally we get bored and move on to the next within a matter of weeks. That was the case until our whole Company became addicted with Microsoft Surface Pro’s!

Personally I have had my Surface Pro for 9 months and it has gone from being a trendy looking, nice to have piece of kit into a practical and integral part of my working life.

For the novices out there who still have a Desktop Computer, a Laptop and an IPad / Android tablet. Here are the reasons why the Microsoft Surface Pro is a must have! I would like to point out that we would happily receive payment from Microsoft to write these points but unfortunately wehavent! J

So why are all the staff at Everything Tech in love with their Surfaces Pro’s…

  1. When I am in work and sat at my desk, I use it as my Desktop Computer as it docks which means I can use my full size screen, keyboard and mouse like normal.

  2. When I am working from home or onsite with a customer, I use it as my Laptop Computer. It is the lightest Laptop you will ever have with the full functionality of a standard one.

  3. The touchscreen technology is pretty standard but as I can access all of Office 365‘s features, my PowerPoint presentations on the Surface Pro and detach the keyboard. When I’m onsite with a customer this is an exceptional feature as I don’t need to carry a projector or TV to link to.

  4. When I’m at home browsing the Internet, reading my Social Media, listening to music or watching TV, I use it as my tablet/IPad. As the keyboard detaches I can take it anywhere and unlike my laptop I don’t need to boot it up to jump between my work and social.

  5. Unlike an IPad or Android tablet it’s not limited in capability. As it’s a real PC running full windows it means if I want to access any of my Desktop work or documents I can without the need to boot up my work Laptop.

As an SME Owner I love it as it saves me money! I can replace 3 expensive pieces of kit with one. We have purchased all of our Surface Pro’s through John Lewis so I have a 2 year warranty included. Brand new innovate kit, full warranty and all for less than I normally spend, that to me is a win win!

There are countless other reasons to why we are in love with our Surface Pro’s but these are mainly based around the software on the device. As I’m a busy Geek I will enlighten you at a later date on this! We are Everything Tech and we do…….Everything Tech! So if you are a North West based business call us on 0161 452 3233 for all your IT issues or Techy needs. EverythingTech offer Disaster Recovery, IT Services and Support in Manchester.

Over and Out

Lee Wrall – Technical Director

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