Outllok for IOS


If you’re still using the standard Apple mail app for email on your iPhone or iPad then you’re missing out. A while ago Microsoft introduced outlook for IOS and its loads better than the standard Apple app, it will really help you out.
Here are my favorite features.
1. Focused vs Other
If you’re out and about you really only need to see mail that’s important. Messages that are not so important like offers from people you buy goods off or news are left in ‘other’ and messages from people you want to see are left in focused which is the default. It’s like an extra layer of spam filtering, you might be happy to read the messages in other but they don’t get in your way when you’re less likely to want them

2. Scheduling
What a life saver this is. Often when I’m on the go I will get an important mail but throughout the day I get a tonne of other messages and that really important email gets lost and I forget about it. Swiping right on a message allows you to schedule it which removes it from your inbox to return at a time when you know you’re going to be at your desk or in a position to deal with the message.

3. You can get your calendar right from the mail app, it’s not separate and it looks more like outlook on your desktop.
4. There is a really nice filter feature, you can see just your unread email or only mail with attachments.

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