WiFi vulnerability – This one’s serious.


Today security researchers discovered a vulnerability in the WiFi standard and this one is serious.

What’s the risk?

It allows hackers to gain access to encrypted data between your device and the wireless access point, this means that data you exchange with secure sites like the bank can be affected in addition to the unencrypted data like email.

Who’s affected?

It affects all devices from £50 home routers to £1000 corporate access points. The more vulnerable devices are mobile devices like phones and tablets.

How do I fix it?

Many manufacturers are responding with patches but in most cases, they will need to be applied manually. Apple and Google have committed to patching their software in the next release. Microsoft released a patch for their operating systems earlier today and our customer’s wireless access points will automatically receive the updates for their managed wireless devices. If your machines, access points, routers and other wifi devices are not managed by us then you need to seek advice from your IT provider.

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