Common Questions – What are my staff doing on the internet?


As a business owner, I like to think I trust my team. We’re lucky to have awesome people but I sometimes still worry what goes on. Are they being productive? Are they spending time on social media? Do they spend time on the internet they could be working? I’m sure every business owner has these worries.

I’m don’t advocate spying and there are legal issues around monitoring staff but knowledge is power and it’s important that you keep an eye on what going on. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune to make use of some really powerful tools that can keep you regularly updated on what people are doing.

If you’re a smaller business (under 10 people) we can install some software that produces an easy to read monthly report, the report breaks down usage per PC and into categories like social, news and shopping.

If you’re a little bigger we can implement a firewall that does a similar job.

Both tools are nonintrusive and will give you peace of mind that people aren’t taking advantage.

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