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We are committed to helping our customers get the best out of the technology they buy. So much money is spent on IT and it’s so often underutilised.

Microsoft 365 and Teams are a game-changer when you fully understand how to use them. We are offering four bespoke courses that will impact your personal productivity and improve how you communicate with your team and colleagues.

These courses include:

When you know how to make the most of your IT solutions, your business can reach new heights and achieve its full potential. Yet all too often, many businesses fail to recognise, and utilise, every capability of Microsoft 365 and Teams. Knowing exactly what they do, and everything they do, can benefit your business operations and your levels of communication. Investing the time in getting to know these applications can pay dividends. 

That’s where Everything Tech is on hand to help. With our IT training, you can grasp a full understanding of how to use Microsoft 365 and Teams to their full capacity. With an instructor-led course, you’ll soon have the digital skills to make the most of this software. Now that more businesses are switching to cloud service models like Office 365 and Teams, these are also transferable skills that will be extremely useful throughout your career.

Besides our online courses, we also offer comprehensive services that are designed to assist businesses with digital transformationoffer IT support to companies that outsource their issues to us, as well as many other services. This even includes cyber security training led by our security specialists. As a company based in Manchester, we’re dedicated to helping clients in Manchester City Centre and the surrounding areas, such as Bolton and Bury, whenever they need IT support to overcome any technical issues. Yet now, thanks to our distance learning courses, we can share our knowledge with organisations further afield across the UK and worldwide. All this ensures that they, and you, fully utilise the cloud computing resources.

If you’re a company based in Manchester or nearby areas such as Wilmslow and Rochdale, then we’re on hand to provide IT support and solutions to your technical issues. Even if you’re based further afield, you can still reap the benefits of our expertise through our online training courses. Get in touch with us by calling 0161 826 2220 or contacting our team to find out more.

What IT Training Courses Are Available?

Our interactive courses are all delivered by fully qualified instructors. These are remote sessions – making them ideal for companies that are embracing flexible working – with opportunities to ask questions and participate in exercises, all of which are designed to further your understanding of Microsoft 365 and Teams. Sessions have a time duration of around 90 minutes and can be delivered to up to 15 people.

We have courses that focus on using the software to facilitate effective communication, collaboration, organisation, productivity, and information gathering. Here’s a brief overview of what each course entails:

Introduction to 365 & Teams (Part One) – Focusing on Communication

Learning how to communicate effectively using Microsoft 365 can lead to many benefits, including an increase in personal productivity. By taking part in this basic training that kick starts the rest of your learning with us, you’ll gain a broader understanding of how to communicate using 365. You’ll learn how to use Chats to their full potential, how to schedule and host a meeting whilst maintaining control, and how to customise your settings in a way that suits you and your role.

Introduction to 365 & Teams (Part Two) – Focusing on Collaboration

Understanding how to use these cloud solutions for collaboration can transform the way that you work. With this course, you’ll learn how to effectively collaborate with your colleagues using features such as OneDriveSharepointOneNote and Whiteboard. You’ll also learn best practices for collaboration and how to securely share files that you’re working on, as well as much more.

Organisation & Productivity

If you’re working on your organisational skills for your personal development, then this course is essential. You’ll learn how to use 365 and Teams to improve your organisation and, as a result, your productivity. Not all to-do lists have to be on paper – with the right cloud services and technology skills, you can stay organised online! This session will teach you how to create to-do lists and use Planner for team task management, delegating tasks, and assigning deadlines.

Surveys & Information Gathering

If collating and communicating information is a key aspect of your role, this course will teach you how to get the most out of 365, to help you complete your tasks. The course will cover how to use Forms, how to send them externally, how to view survey results and collect the data in Excel, and how to create polls in Teams.

Here at Everything Tech, we’re committed to offering alternative learning options to make our expertise accessible to numerous organisations. As such, our portal allows you to access training content, including training videos, to help develop your teams’ skill sets.

If you don’t think a bespoke training course is for you we also have our new online learning portal which collates short 3-minute videos creating targeted courses for you. Our catalogue of Cyber Security, Leadership & Management, Sales, and Customer Care courses will ensure that your business is completely up to speed.

Benefits of Online Learning:

  •  500+ Quick Win Courses
  •  IT Skills, Soft Skills, Corporate Responsibility
  •  Over 1,500 Online Video Tutorials
  •  Instantly Available Worldwide

About Microsoft 365 and Teams

If you aren’t yet utilising Office 365 and Teams as a business, perhaps now is the time to consider making the switch to this way of working. Ultimately, Office 365 can help you and your colleagues to get things done quicker. Finding and sharing information, communicating with colleagues, and collating data all become faster and easier. With Office 365, your business will have an infrastructure that’s capable of keeping up with your business needs and demands. 

Besides changing the way that you work for the better, Office 365 can also help you to save money in the long run. The cloud-based service is a cost-effective solution for businesses that are looking for a fast and efficient infrastructure that isn’t located on their premises. There’s no hardware installations to pay for, as well as no updates, maintenance or even recruitment for an in-house team. Microsoft handles all issues on their end and then, with our support, you can ensure you’ve got a dedicated team on hand to help should you need it. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, it’s fair to say that we know Office 365 extremely well.

Here at Everything Tech, we speak a lot about digital transformation – businesses must adapt to ensure that they’re utilising the latest and best technology, whilst still meeting the demands of their customers and clients, as well as their own internal business objectives. Investing in infrastructure like Office 365 and Teams are one of the key ways that businesses can keep up with technological evolutions and business innovation. 

Beyond that, digital transformation always involves creating new processes, cultures, and customer experiences in the workplace. Whilst Office 365 and Teams won’t do this alone, it’s certainly a great place to begin. Once installed, our friendly team can help you to get the most from the applications, thanks to our training and learning resources which offer a variety of study methods.

Why Choose Everything Tech To Deliver Your IT Training

We’ve been helping businesses across Manchester for many years thanks to our IT support, security systems, and software installation. So, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about how to get the most out of 365 and Teams. As such, we’re committed to sharing our expertise through easy-to-follow online training, in an online classroom setting, that we feel many companies would find beneficial. 

Investing in IT training can open up new opportunities for businesses. First and foremost, using 365 and Teams to their full potential can improve communication drastically, as well as productivity and organisation. All of this can have an impact on the way that the business is run – it helps teams to complete their projects effectively and efficiently, and deliver a fantastic customer experience. 

Contrary to popular belief, 365 goes far beyond just emails. With our training and bespoke courses, you can get to grips with the ever-expanding Office 365 Suite. Technology is only as good as the user that’s working with it – unless you have a solid understanding of what it can do for you, then there’s probably missed opportunities where you’re failing to use features that can help your company to excel. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we’re the best-placed team to help your business understand exactly what Microsoft 365 and Teams can do for the company and your staff. It’s this level of understanding that sets us aside from other IT technology companies.

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Our IT online training courses, IT solutions, and services are beneficial for a range of sectors and businesses. Over the years, we’ve helped companies in the legal sector, the healthcare sector and architecture, as well as those in professions such as accountancy and engineering. If you’d like to get the most out of Office 365 and Teams, then our experts would love to help you. To find out more, call us on 0161 826 2220 or get in touch online to learn more about our offerings and to ask any questions.

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