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Why a Managed Service Provider is what your business needs

By Ryan Browne on 04/02/2019

A business cannot survive without an exceptional IT support team behind them in today’s world. There are a million reasons why (you will know many of them) but here are 5 important reasons why a Managed Service Provider is what you need to support your business that many SME’s aren’t aware of.

1. Cost
Many believe that managed services cost more than pay as you go contracts due to the cost of downtime. However, by providing remote monitoring and remote maintenance this means managed service providers can give their customers more efficient support at a similar price to a pay as you go service.
Furthermore, most managed service providers charge their customers based on a consistent monthly fee and price their services based on the number of users, devices and servers you have. All this can help you to keep your budget and spend organised; no need to be receiving any unexpected expenses from your businesses IT.
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2. Security
The rise in the number of cyberattacks and their increased sophistication is another reason why a managed service provider is the best option for SME’s in helping them to keep their company’s data secure. As an SME it can be hard to keep up to date with ever-changing cyber threats and hiring a team for in-house security can be very expensive for small businesses so isn’t generally an option. By using a manged service provider SME’s have the resources to prevent, identify and quickly respond to cyberattacks whilst having confidence in their data being secure.

We [Everything Tech] put our heart and soul into keeping our customers businesses cyber safe. We can train your staff to be aware and understand how to recognise attacks such as a phishing email.

3. Access to Better Technologies
When you have the right managed service provider you will always be provided with the best technologies for your business. Having the best and correct technologies is important because they can change the way you and your staff work forever. As a managed service provider, we can provide the best technologies. We deal with customers in a wide range of fields with different needs and requirements, helping us to utilise knowledge from across a wide range of areas to help you in all situations.

We [Everything Tech] are always seeking out new exciting technology that will give our customers the competitive edge. We believe that when you’re succeeding, we are succeeding. Read here how we worked with one of Manchester’s best PR companies and drastically improved the way they work:

4. Proactive Support
Proactive support means as your provider we can identify and resolve any issues you have before they become problems. We [Everything Tech] class ourselves as your dedicated IT Team, from helping you with a word document to getting you back up and running if a server issue occurs. By having a proactive managed service provider your businesses issues are more likely to be detected and resolved before any serious issues can arise from them. As a proactive managed service provider, we [Everything Tech] don’t wait for issues to occur; we are continuously managing your IT.

5. Stress Free IT
Finally, having a managed service provider lets you rest easy knowing that all your IT needs are in the hands of skilled professionals. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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