The Importance of the Cloud


Some interesting news from across the pond has emerged about the use of the cloud and its importance to running an effective operation in the 21st century.

The Pentagon has launched what’s being called a “winner-takes-all” competition for a new cloud computing contract”. Officials at the Defence Department said the new contract was necessary so US forces in differing military services and commands could communicate safely, securely and efficiently. The contract, worth several billion dollars will be handed to a single company. Some industry groups have expressed concern that will enjoy an unfair advantage in the race to the big prize.

A minimum two-year contract


The department has experienced difficulty in transporting information to areas such as the battlefield, with Tim Van Name, the Defence Digital Service deputy director, saying that using various service providers would enhance the complexity “exponentially”. The Department is tasked with serving 3.4 million users and around 4 million devices. The initial contract would last for two years, with options for renewal being in place over a further eight.


The race is on


The Pentagon says it plans to move to the cloud to make the most of various growing technologies, such as machine learning, the internet of things and AI. Other companies said to be competing for the contract include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Google’s service Alphabet. Van Name denied that Amazon is already in the race, saying “we have no favourites”, adding that the process was about rewarding “the best proposal”. Microsoft announced it was “disappointed” over the decision to select a single bidder.


The advantages of the cloud for business


The above news story illustrates how important the cloud is becoming. Companies and organisations of all sizes from various industries are now making the move to the cloud. There are several benefits attached to making the transition, including the ability to connect to business wherever you are in the world as long as an internet connection is available, and to link to networks using a host of devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops. Cloud computing for business can also greatly reduce IT costs, particularly the expenses attached to managing and maintaining IT systems. With cloud computing, the need to buy costly systems and equipment is reduced substantially, as is the requirement to recruit expert IT staff.


Simpler upgrades and updates


Cloud computing solutions can be scaled up and down in line with your business, and you can easily upgrade or downgrade as your business changes shape and size. Upgrades and updates can be managed on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on running your business and doing what you do best. When your data is stored in the cloud, you can rest assured that it is backed up when a physical disaster strikes, such as a fire, flood or other catastrophic event. With cloud computing solutions in place, workers can work individually or collaborate from anywhere, ensuring projects are completed regardless of staff being in different locations. Critical updates including server upgrades and software updates can be carried out automatically.


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