Apple IOS 12- What’s New?


The IOS 12 update is coming for iPhone and other Apple devices. There’s obviously cool new features which we will talk all about our favourites that we love and know you will to.
Although, even with these cool new features IOS 12 isn’t the most impressive IOS update as the focus with this update is more about improving loading time and improving performance on older models such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, also improving how you receive notifications to allow us to disconnect from our devices more easily.

So IOS 12 isn’t as exciting as getting an updated home screen or Siri talking to us in a more natural and expressive way, but what exactly is new for us with IOS 12? Let’s have a look…

IOS 12 Performance improvements:

Let’s get the important but rather boring features out of the way first.
The new update brings better performance on simple apps and tasks we use every day and on more devices. A few improvements IOS 12 brings is…

Up to 70% faster swipe to camera from the lock screen.
Up to 50% faster key board display meaning that the keyboard will appear faster and typing is more responsive.
Up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload.


Group FaceTime! You will be able to make FaceTime calls with up to 32 participants simultaneously. There is no way of losing track with that many people talking either as the tile of the person speaking will automatically grow larger. Join or add people to a group FaceTime at any time.
Talk with your friends and family as your favourite Animoji or Memoji, your personal emoji that you can style anyway you like.
IOS 12 will also bring filters to FaceTime which will allow you to change your look. You can change your image to look like classic black and white, watercolour and comic book.
Another feature added to camera is Shapes, this allows you to infuse your photos and videos with shapes such as hearts, stars and arrows.

These features are all the creative and fun side of Apple where they have also improved a lot of online safety over FaceTime to such as private end-to-end encryption, FaceTime is encrypted end to end for both one-to-one and group calls, so your conversations remain private and viewable only by the participants.

Screen Time:

This is a brand-new feature coming with IOS 12 and it is a brilliant feature if you worry about how often you are on your devices or if you have children who live by their devices and the internet.

Tools that come with this new feature are such as;
Allowing you to understand and make choices about how much time you spend using apps and websites.
Use your family’s Apple IDs to set up Screen Time for your kids to keep up to date on how much time they are spending on apps and websites. Your kids can then request more time for you to approve of.
‘Downtime’ you can set a specific time in the day e.g. bedtime, where apps and notifications will be blocked during the set time, you can also choose which apps you would like to turn off and keep on.
Set limits on Apps to control how much time you and your family spend on your devices each day.


There are also lots of new features to your messages with the new IOS 12, most of them fun, entertaining features for you to enjoy with your friends.

One of the new features is Memoji and the Memoji Maker, this allows you to create all kinds of Animoji that fits your personality, mood and look which you can adjust endlessly.
The new update also brings with it a few new Animoji’s; T. rex, Ghost, Koala and a Tiger.
You will also receive photo suggestions whilst messaging friends, based on who you are messaging, what you’re talking about and where you have taken photos together. With this new feature here at Everything Tech we are unsure whether we like the idea of Siri knowing us that well!

IOS 12 brings a new iMessage sticker packs from the App Store to enhance your photos and videos inside messages. The stickers track the movement of your face and move with you. Face tracking has also been given an improvement so it will now recognise you when you stick out your tongue and wink.


Augmented Reality:

AR experiences can now be shared across time and fixed to real-world locations, meaning you can create a piece of AR work that can be viewed later in the same place by somebody else. There is also a new format called USDZ file that helps 3D creators to create deep content and animations optimized for mobile devices.
The new update will also allow creators to measure flat rectangular surfaces easily and draw lines across of these surfaces to measure distances with just your iPhone or iPad camera.
A new feature ARKit 2 can recognise objects and understand how your device positions them and can use the information to trigger AR experiences.

Photos and Camera:

IOS 12 brings new tools to your photo album to make sharing your photographs with your friends and family a whole lot easier as well a search assist in your album which suggest previous locations, events or parties you have been to, to help you find those photographs you had forgotten all about.
IOS 12 photos understands when you have been somewhere special such as going on a trip or to an event and will then realise who you are in those photographs with and suggest sharing the images with those friends. When another IOS 12 user shares photographs with you your device will then search your photo albums and suggest sharing similar photographs back.

Within the camera settings IOS 12 brings improvements to your portrait mode photographs. The camera will now generate a mask when it detects a person and intelligently and elegantly separates the person from the scene. They have also introduced a new API (application programming interface) for third party developers allowing for the separation of layers in a photo, separating the background and foreground.

IOS 12 will only be coming to your devices around the time of the new iPhone releases in September.

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