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EverythingTech offer award winning IT Disaster Recovery in Manchester. If your business has been hit with an IT related disaster call EverythingTech now on 0161 452 3233, or drop us an e-mail at hello@everythingtech.co.uk and let us start the process of restoring your business. Interested in seeing what IT Support we offer? Click here to see our award winning packages. 

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the process of protecting your businesses function and infrastructure in the event of a disaster such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters such as earthquakes or equipment failure. We protect our company with a disaster recovery plan that documents, policies, actions and procedures that ensure the damage is reduced to a minimum in the wake of a natural disaster, and that the company doesn’t have long term disruption to its business.

Just as disaster would signify an event that leads to the conclusion of a business being unable to function normally, a disaster recovery plan puts forth a plan that consists of minimising the damage done and allowing the organisation to quickly recover the relevant information in order to partially function, until systems are fully restored and business continues as normal.

Disaster Recovery Manchester

Who Needs Disaster Recovery?

Now that we know what a disaster recovery plan is, we can conclude that IT recovery would indicate the prevention and restoration of a business’s IT services and infrastructure! In order to formulate a disaster recovery plan we need to understand what steps are necessary to restore the functionality of our services, these steps involve creating/maintaining backups of servers or mainframes, performing risk assessments (RA) or business impact analysis (BIA) to identify and support the critical areas of the business that need to stay afloat during a disaster, and recovery time objectives (RTOs) which state the appropriate time limit within which to recover from a disaster.

Businesses, especially IT are at the mercy of their equipment due to having everything stored electronically, much of the data is essential for the company to function so in the case of a disaster we need to make sure that the damage is minimal and always have a backup available which will limit the amount of damage done. Businesses should begin by developing an IT disaster recovery plan which compiles inventory of hardware, software, servers, wireless devices and any other relevant data. The plan should include a strategy that involves making sure critical information is backed up and ready to roll out to your systems.

Forming a disaster recovery plan is part of the business continuity plan which is a plan to make sure that business continues even during a disaster, this plan is essential to your business if you want to meet targets such as profitability. To form a business continuity plan we must follow steps such as; business impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development and finally tests & exercises. Interested in learning more? Computerweekly.com goes into more detail about disaster recovery and the steps involved in creating a plan.

Why do I need Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery isn’t just for large companies, small business are at risk too. IT analysts believe that a disaster can be an event that only needs to occur just once to cripple a company, in fact IT related disasters are far more common with the rise of viruses, security breaches, software issues, data corruption, server malfunctions and hardware failures. Here are some scary statistics that show just how important a disaster recovery plan is:

  • 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster.
  • 43% of companies experiencing disasters never recover.
  • 50% of businesses experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within 5 years.
  • Less than 50% of all organisations have a business continuity plan.
  • 43% of companies that do have a business continuity plan do not test it annually.
  • 80% of companies have not developed any crisis management to provide IT coverage sufficient to keep the business functionally effectively.
  • 40% of companies that do have crisis management plans do not have a team dedicated to disaster recovery.

Source: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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The Costs Of Downtime

Without a proper disaster recovery plan set in place you could be looking at up to 5 days downtime on your server which will mean your website will also be down for the duration, imagine 5 days loss of profit and business, no customer communication and no possible way for your employees to work due to your business being essentially dead for a week! Not forgetting the cost of hiring an engineer which can include prices such as; 5 days on site consultancy £2500 and a new server to replace the broken one £3500. Can you really afford to not have a disaster recovery plan set in place?

Why Everything Tech?

Our disaster recovery plan is affordable, understandable and makes your business risk free from disaster. Our plan goes something like this; your lead IT support gets a call saying your server has failed and our help desk is monitoring the situation, we establish the server has failed and will need to do a fail over, we spin up your server on the recovery device from any one of the hundreds of snapshots taken over the past 30 days to get your business back up and running whilst we troubleshoot why the server failed, we then repair or get a replacement server.

The cost of this service being just £599 for your new server and £125 a month for the disaster recovery service which means in the event of downtime we can get your business back up and running instantly! Your disaster is fixed in just a few hours at an easy affordable price whilst your business continues as if nothing happened, it’s no wonder our services are award winning.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Here at Everything Tech we believe that all businesses need to take into account that without a business continuity plan you could be risking putting your company in financial danger! Manchester city has the second largest economy behind London so it would be obvious that there are thousands of companies in Manchester that rely on servers and IT equipment to hold their databases for them, with this in mind business continuity services are an absolute necessity.

If you are in the Manchester or Greater Manchester area and are running a company without a disaster recovery plan in place, well what are you waiting for?! Can you afford to take the risk? Contact us today on 0161 452 3233 and talk to us about your Disaster Recovery queries, our IT Support company based in Manchester can offer your company or business, big or small, free advice on disaster recovery and business continuity. 

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