Have Your Gadgets Been Suffering in the Heatwave?


We’ve been having extreme weather for most of 2018; it started with the Beast from the East and now we’re all melting in the scorching heat we thought we would never experience again back in March. But is this beautifully painful summer good for our gadgets?The answer is no (!). Your gadgets don’t like sitting in hot cars, sweating on humid trains or getting hotter than usual, any more than you do.

Here’s why the hot weather damages your beloved gadgets.

Device Batteries
1. Let’s start with your device batteries. Too much heat over time damages your batteries as it speeds up the internal chemical reactions which breaks down the internal structure and loss of electrolyte that is key for holding your mobile’s charge. This reaction happens naturally over time, but the sweltering heat we are experiencing will be speeding up the process.

Smartphone Screens
2. The high temperatures we are experiencing can also be damaging to an extremely thin layer that makes up your phone screen and leaving this to get roasted can cause damage to your phone’s display. Also, at extreme high temperatures the glue holding your device together could literally melt and deform your mobile – we doubt this is a high risk in England but, after this summer, anything seems possible these days!

3. It’s not just your mobile that is suffering from the heatwave, it is also your PC’s/laptops. PC’s do have their own cooling system which instruct the motherboard, major components like memory banks, to slow down with the aim to avoid damage. It can even instruct intensive components to shut down as a fail-safe which can sometimes mean your whole computer suddenly turning off. The heat can also cause your device to freeze completely, resulting in the need to restart the computer.


So How Can You Protect Your Devices from the Heat?
What you can do to help keep your laptop cool and running is adjust the settings so that you use less power, clean your vents and turn off your laptop when not using it. Given that laptops overheating can be an issue whatever the season, these tips are good all year round.
Have you ever been using your phone for so long that you can feel the heat on your hand? That’s because smartphones can sometimes get so hot that you can’t hold them. Warning signs of your smartphone overheating are similar to laptops including it shutting down or restarting itself.
Ways you can help cool your mobile devices down after these signs are by powering the smartphone down – basically putting your phone down and leaving it to ‘chill out’ before using it again. You can also turn off certain features/apps that you don’t really need, after all, when your phone is trying to work hard it is also producing extra heat. Finally, you could help keep your device cool by taking it out of a protective case if it is in one.

Our gadgets are amazing technologies and help us every day, but they also get tired and hot when working to their maximum effort so show them some patience and look after them to get the best productivity.

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