What happens if we lose a laptop? is the data protected?


All business owners should watch my video on whole disk encryption


Hi everyone, Lee for Everything Tech. This week’s top tip is about Whole Disk Encryption. I know it sounds nerdy but I wonder how many business owners watching this video have got plan for what they would do if one of their team left a laptop on transport or had it stolen from the booths of their car. I suspect the answer is not many. The reality is that a good techie can break into any Windows password protected laptop in about 10 minutes and the only way to protect yourselvess back from that is by having something called Whole Disk Encryption. It encrypts the contents of your computer with a password that you put in before the operating system starts. So if somebody wants to steal your machine, all they would get is absolute nonsense, none of your data. It’s relatively cheap and easy to implement and it completely protects you against losing or having the machine stolen. So speak to your IT provider or give me a call. Put comments in the LinkedIn post about Whole Disk Encryption. Happy to answer any questions.

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