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The rapid pace of business change and day-to-day work habits has freed up people to enjoy a healthier work-life balance, improved business innovation, and offered a better experience for the customer. However, as businesses evolve, they can forget to evolve their business applications and operating systems with them. This imbalance can cause stagnation and damaged profit margins.

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By choosing the Microsoft Modern Workplace, you can enjoy a suite of modern applications that will truly revolutionise the way you and your team operate. At Everything Tech Group, we can introduce, install, and train your business in how to get the most out of the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

What is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

The Microsoft Modern Workplace and Office 365 is a more holistic cloud service that is made up of a range of cloud apps that improve project management, and employee engagement and create a truly modern workspace.

The goal of the Modern Workplace is to align people, processes, and technology to improve the way a business operates daily. Picture a world where your workforce is empowered to use Office 365 and Modern Workplace in a way that suits them. Think about the benefits to them, the work they produce, and the increased employee productivity for your business when they feel empowered to create their own ways of working. In addition, the implementation of a Microsoft Modern Workplace will make you a far more attractive company to work for if you can offer things like flexitime, remote working, and the ability to access things on mobile devices.

When it comes to hiring, you’re able to cast your recruiting net far and wide because you know you’ve got the IT architecture in place to facilitate a truly modern workspace. One that can handle people being in different time zones, operating on multiple devices, and the cybersecurity issues that come with it.

Speaking of cybersecurity, the reluctance to implement these cloud-based products is down to misconceptions about cyber threat protection and security management. However, more than 60% of cybersecurity experts believe that the risk of a security breach is the same, or lower, on public cloud-based environments compared to traditional on-premises sites.

So, if security is your biggest issue, then have no fear, cloud-based technology like this is just as, if not more, secure and shouldn’t stop you from onboarding more immersive technology and revolutionising your ways of working. In fact, Gartner named Microsoft Security a leader in its five Magic Quadrants which should give you even more confidence in this technology. In addition, our team here at Everything Tech will install everything to the highest possible standard and ensure it is secure and everyone is trained.

What Is the Microsoft Modern Workplace Products?

The Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions comprises several different apps all framed within a cloud infrastructure. What this means is that all these apps and your business’ associated accounts can be accessed on any device/operating system that has an internet connection.

The Reasons to Adopt the Microsoft Modern Workplace

You might be wondering why you and your business even need this radical level of digital transformation. After all, things might be working just fine as they are. But what if you could take your ways of working to the next level? What if you could truly empower employees, enjoy a more modern management style, and access the things that matter through multiple devices? This is what the productivity applications housed in Modern Workplace can do for you.

A truly modern workplace combines physical and digital space to meet the needs of your business and its employees.

Adopting this strategy eliminates problems like:

Data in silos – The most frustrating thing in the world is not being able to access relevant documents, create reports or view analytics. And, because data is kept in its own compartments, team members have limited visibility and are unable to access a single source of truth.

Constrained to certain devices – older systems, what we call legacy systems, can only really be accessed on fixed devices such as computers in an office, due to security reasons. This lack of flexibility means work only gets done at set times which creates rigid business practices.

Frustrated employment bases – Outdated working practices create disgruntled team members. People are looking for greater flexibility and expect work to fit around their life. Having legacy systems that are rigid, and slow and don’t allow people to do their job in a way that suits them, ruins the user experience, and can cause employees to look elsewhere for employment.

Poor communication – Messages, relevant documents, and other information is being shared on old, outdated channels which lead to misunderstandings, and a lack of visibility and control. Outdated communication tools, which can’t be accessed on multiple devices in a flexible way, create bottlenecks in the work process.

Clunky processes – Legacy systems using two or more systems to complete a task increases the margin of error and leads to low-level tasks being completed manually, which wastes time.

The Benefits of Using Microsoft Modern Workplace

Automation – Using Microsoft Power Automate within Office 365 allows you to implement Digital and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation increases productivity and the time that employees must focus on other important tasks. With built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, you can also integrate lots of other applications like Google Analytics, Twitter, and Mail Chimp.

Security – The security stack within 365 allows you to defend against a range of advanced threats and attacks, like malware and phishing. You can also get advanced threat protection by using Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Windows Information Protection.
Better communication and collaboration

Within Microsoft Modern Workplace, you’ll have access to several applications that facilitate collaboration and effective communication. These applications enable teams to work together, with ease, regardless of where they are. This makes Microsoft Modern Workplace great for a mobile workforce.

Get up and running quickly – There’s no hardware to install, meaning that you can get your Microsoft Modern Workplace fully installed and functioning in no time at all, especially with our assistance. This means that there’s minimal disruption to your business operations.
Some Of The Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions Our Manchester Team Can Install

Office 365 – Recognised as a Microsoft Gold partner for Mid-Sized companies, Everything Tech is the perfect Manchester-based IT support team to help you install Office 365. Transform the way you share documents, collaborate, and arrange workflows with the ever-expanding Office 365 suite of tools. Our team of experts can install these cloud services and greatly enhance the employee experience. We do this by training and ensuring you maximise your usage of Office 365.

Microsoft Teams & Business Voice – A modern workspace isn’t complete without the ability to communicate instantly with colleagues. Teams & Business Voice, in tandem, are two of the most reliable communication tools out there. It’ll speed up internal exchanges and improve employee experiences. We’ll get everything set up to ensure a seamless workstream collaboration.

SharePoint – As experts in SharePoint, we’re perfectly placed to help you introduce this immersive technology into your business. SharePoint removes the pain of limited visibility and instead gives your business the capability to organise and share information in a slick, creative way. Strong configuration management means we can set up SharePoint, so it’s bespoke to you.

Unified Communications – Make company updates easier, enjoy more modern management of staff, and have all your communication tools under one roof with Unified Communications. Bring staff closer together and promote a more personable way of working by tying instant messaging, video calling, screen sharing, and email services together.

Microsoft Dynamics
– This cloud-based platform combines ERP and CRM into a group of apps that are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses such as yours. Enjoy strong configuration management and stability. Dynamics will grow with you, meaning you can add additional services as and when you need them.

Let Our Team Implement Microsoft Modern Workplace for You

We can implement Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions for you and your business in a way that’s affordable, quick, and ready to go from day one. From day one of installation, your Modern Workplace will be ready to go and feature all the elements you need to get things done daily. We also offer training, once we’ve installed your software, so you can rest assured knowing that your team has the knowledge to use Modern Workplace effectively.

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