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Hi everyone, Lee from everythingtech, this week’s top tip for Office 365 users is that if you’re a heavy Outlook user, you might want to consider started to use the web version of Microsoft Outlook as opposed to the application installed on your computer. I’m just gonna swap over to my laptop now and show you a couple of little features that are really nice in the calendar application. Microsoft are putting more effort into developing the web version than they are the installed version these days and it’s come a long way in the last few years.

So, I showed this feature off in the Outlook for iPhone app a few weeks ago. Obviously, it’s here now in the web version as well. So when I click new events, I’m putting a meeting title. You can see at the moment here on the right hand side, I’m the only one involved in the meeting, and so, I can choose my availability. But as I add all the people, parts of this are gonna start to turn red, and it shows you at a glance when these other people aren’t available, so you can work the meeting time around them. So, it’s a really useful little tool, it saves you sending meeting requests and them denying it, or rejecting, or saying tentative, or anything like that. You can send a meeting request when you’re absolutely sure that the other people that you’re inviting are absolutely available. So, that’s a great little feature in the new Outlook Web Access.

So, I just popped the link to Outlook Web Access, or OWA, up in my browser window here. The address is It’s getting better all the time. They’re putting a lot of features into it. There’s some great stuff in the mail app, as well. It’s all intuitive, so you can right click, it not just like something that’s in a browser.

So, yeah, definitely recommend moving over to Outlook Web Access on the web as opposed to using the Outlook app. It seems to be getting more development and more features. So, you want to know more about moving over to Office 365, give us a shout. Love to speak to you about that, if you’re not already on the platform.

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