Support women in tech today by checking out these 5 tech blogs by women.


It is International Women’s day; our director Ruth and colleagues Lyndsay and Rebecca are off to the UKFAST Women in Tech event this morning where Ruth will be giving a talk!

As it this is the last blog post of the week I thought it would be nice to show support to some of our industries big female bloggers.

5 top tech blogs written by women.
In no order here are our top 5 favourites.

1. Women love tech
Originated by Frederique Bros an Australian blogger, Women Love Tech is mostly about reviewing the latest tech and gadgets, covering the tech industries news and what’s going on. Though the blog page also includes much more genres all which stay connected to tech from fashion and beauty to smart homes.

We love Women Love Tech’s website because of the huge variety of genres they involve tech in to. Our favourite recent post would have to be ‘Chinese New Year: 9 Auspicious tips for a prosperous year of the dog which is in the Living genre.

2. Becca Caddy
Becca Caddy is a freelance Teach and Science writer, she has written for many technology websites you may know. Such as TechRadar, Wired, Gizmodo and Shiny Shiny.
Becca Caddy’s own blog talks about many STEM subjects from space to wearable gadgets, through her blog posts you can tell the enthusiasm Becca has for these subject topics and her posts are interesting and inspiring about the tech world.

3. Femgineer
Femgineer is a blog that was created in 2007 by Poormina Vijayashanker, the blog started off as a bit of fun for Poormina to creatively express herself and experiences as an engineer at Vijayashanker’s blog began to gain a large, loyal following allowing Vijayashanker’s goals of the site to change from a creative place where she shared her engineering experiences to a business to help techies grow within their careers.

4. Hacker Chick
Hacker Chick is created by Abby Fichtner a software developer who began her career in tech though a mixture of developing bleeding-edge technology for start-ups and coaching teams on how to develop software better. The blog focuses very much on Abby’s mission to help push what is possible in the tech world. The blog posts focus on giving information to its readers to help build up or start their own small businesses, there is also a focus on creativity within the industry.

5. The Female Perspective of Computer Science
The female perspective of computer science is written by Gail Carmichael a computing education program manager.
Gail Carmichael’s blog posts focus on sharing information/ teaching others how about the industry and sharing her own passion for computer science. Through researching through the website, it appears Carmichael started the blog back in 2007 and from posts such as ‘Women in CS, a Big Success’ it was to educate and bring recognition to women in tech.

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