Panel 2 : Solve My Specific Issue

Panel 2 : Solve My Specific Issue

January 7, 2015. Posted by Mike Mooney

We’ve got decades of experience working with SME’s and we’re absolutely confident in the solutions we implement to solve the needs of a growing business.

My Current supplier just isn’t looking after me, the service isn’t up to standard.

Our support is our number one priority, we have a step by step take on process to make coming over to Everything Tech as painless as possible.

We promise to give you the IT Support your business deserves.

I’m worried about security.

Security is so important these days. No matter what size your business is your data can often be your business. You owe it to your customers to keep their information secure. We can help with all aspects, from Firewalls to preventing certain documents ever leaving your business. We can stop your people going to places you don’t want them to, social media sites for example.

I need to know my business can continue to function if something breaks.

Disaster recovery is no longer a tool for larger companies, our disaster recovery solutions start from £100 per month and can have you up and running in minutes, even after total loss.

I’m not confident my backups are working.

We’re constantly monitoring your whole IT environment including your backups. Whats more we send a weekly report to show you its been working.

Should I be taking advantage of ‘THE CLOUD’.

We’re not precious, for us its about finding the right solution for your business, both practically and financially. Quite often a mixture of cloud and on premise solutions work best.

I need a reliable email solution that works across all my devices.

Seems like a simple thing doesn’t it? you wouldn’t believe the amount of customers we see who have email that isn’t reliable or doesn’t sync across all their devices.

What should i do next? Let EverythingTech take care of you.

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