Virtual CIO Services

The evolution of managed services is accelerating at a rapid rate. Businesses that outsource their IT want more than just a break-fix IT provider, they need strategy and development.

Our vCIO services play a proactive role in building systems to scale — adding new technology to the client’s stack based on their needs.


As businesses (particularly fast-growth tech startups) grow they need to evolve their approach to IT and technology. It’s common for fast-growth companies to treat IT as something they control in the house, particularly if they have a business filled with developers and other technical talent, however, managing a small team of less than ten is one thing but as your business grows to manage and adapting technology to accompany the growth becomes a different proposition.


“We’re a team of technical people and we use MAC’s, security isn’t important”

If you’re a fast-growth startup phrases like that will be common. Software development is a very different skill than IT security and your in-house team will simply not be aware of the rapidly evolving security climate. You need specialist skills and experience to help you identify risks and requirements.

Shadow IT

Though the label itself is neutral its often carries a negative connotation. Shadow IT is often a term used to describe actions of team members such as installing software or utilising hardware that is not approved by the IT team or the business owners that can potentially represent serious security risks to the business. A business without a formal CIO or IT manager is unlikely to have any awareness or control of Shadow IT.


It’s not practical to grow your business beyond a few people without some kind of medium to long-term IT strategy. The alignment of business strategy and IT is crucial in today’s tech-driven economy. Without a granular strategy, companies may invest too much on technology without solving the business challenges they face due to different departmental objectives, cultures, and incentives. That’s where a vCIO steps in to guide your organization’s business and IT alignment so that technology integrates across each business unit to meet core objectives.

How can we help? 

  • An initial review of IT security & strategy.
  • Board-level presentation of findings with documented recommendations.
  • IT budget proposals with short, medium, and long-term expectations.
  • A path to IT best practice working towards Cyber Essentials (+) and ISO 270001
  • Ongoing management of technology and implementation of the strategy.