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What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is platform designed to bring your team closer together and facilitate a more flexible, collaborative way of working.

Instant Messaging - In your world at home you wouldn’t dream of sending a friend or family member an email. It’s a slow, impersonal way of communicating. Most people use services like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to get a faster more conversation like method of communication.


Voice & Video Calling - Interactions are always better in person but when you can’t be there seeing the person you’re talking to is the next best thing. Our video conferencing solutions can bring over two hundred people together to communicate like never before. Sophisticated room solutions bring you all together regardless of location.


Collaboration and Screen Sharing - Sometimes chat isn’t enough and you need to share a document or maybe work on something collaboratively. With our sharing and collaboration tools a group of people can work on the same document, helping you get work done faster and as a team.