More security on your iPhone

More security on your iPhone

March 25, 2014. Posted by Lee Wrall

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We keep so much information on our phones these days, email, passwords for other sites and with things like Dropbox on your smartphone anyone who gains access could be getting at more than you like to think about. If your anything like me then your phone is always on your person and it wont take long to notice its gone. Its losing your phone that is the biggest worry, whoever picks it up is going to have time to try and get it. Here’s the important things to know.

Most of us use a standard four digit pin code to access our devices and if your not doing that as a very basic measure then you are mad. The trouble is a computer can crack a four digit code in about twenty minutes just simply by trying every combination. ‘Ah’ I hear you say I’ve enabled ‘wipe me after 10 tries’ well that only works if your using the interface on the phone, anyone that is serious about getting in will have your phone plugged in and be doing it in the background. Help is at hand though, you can switch off Simple Passcode and get a full keyboard option instead, having a larger alphabet and using 6 characters instead of 4 turns 20 minutes into 88 years :-)

Make sure your using ‘find my phone’

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