Mobile Device Battery Care

Mobile Device Battery Care

March 25, 2014. Posted by Lee Wrall

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Yesterday I was with a customer who was asking me how does he maximise the capability of the battery in his phone / laptop / tablet, a question I get asked every once in a while. The answer is simple but there are a few old wives tales. Remember a few years ago people said ‘batteries remember’, it’s true old batteries (7+ years ago) used to remember their state and so charging them to the top and letting them run flat was the best advice, these days things have moved on and modern batteries love power so the simple thing to remember is ‘charge whenever you can’.

So then people ask me ‘why does my battery degrade’, good question, cheap laptops in particular are prone to battery degradation, imagine a battery as one of those one a day tablet boxes each day being a cell, each cell is charged in turn, occasionally a cell fails (I won’t go into the science here) and so it reduces the capacity by x percent, it’s one of the hidden drawbacks of buying a cheap laptop, tablet etc.

So that’s it, forget all the old wives tales and charge when you can, simple. Do you need IT Services? Or maybe a Disaster Recovery plan? Call EverythingTech now to get free advice.

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