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With 2020 feeling more and more like a distant memory, attention, for businesses and employees at least, turns to what work, company culture, and the workplace as a whole, looks like going forward. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole country has participated in the largest at-scale remote work experiment that’s ever been undertaken. This has sped up the need for businesses and leaders to offer a true remote working infrastructure – one that improves employee experiences and offers flexible ways of being productive, while still ensuring a memorable, unique culture.

Enter, Microsoft Viva. MS Viva is a new cloud-based platform for employees and businesses that ensures every member of a company, no matter where they are working from, can get company insights, and take advantage of a network of services that get their job done professionally and collaboratively. Here at Everything Tech, we’re excited about MS Viva and how it can transform the digital workplace.

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As an IT support company based in Manchester, helping business leaders, managers, team leaders, and employees across Greater Manchester in areas such as AltrinchamBolton, and Salford, we’re confident we can use our knowledge, and integrated cloud services, to create a full, rich MS Viva experience that can help you create long-term success and adapt to this new world of remote working. For more information about how we can help please read on, fill out the contact form, or call us on 0161 826 2220.

Employee Experience Platforms: What Is Microsoft Viva?

Billed as a ‘unified employee experience’, Microsoft Viva encourages all facets of a company to collaborate, communicate, and share personal insights. Housed inside Microsoft Teams, Viva keeps employees informed and connected no matter where they are working – it is set to be one of the most comprehensive employee experience systems on the market, and has been developed to meet the demand of remote working and disparate teams, brought on by the aforementioned Coronavirus pandemic. 

Viva is split into four different segments – Viva ConnectionsViva InsightsViva Learning, and Viva Topics.

Viva Connections acts as a sort of social media channel for a business’s internal communications. Within it, individual employees can access conversations between teams, and resources such as company policies. They can also promote a unified company culture by creating, or joining, employee resource groups and forums.

Insights offer each sector of a business, from front-line individuals to executives, data-driven, privacy-protected insights that can be used to make informed decisions to improve practices and reimagine employee experiences, by ensuring they have sustainable working practices in place.

The Viva Learning segment collates all the relevant learning resources and content for employees into one, easy-to-find, place. This ensures that employee learning and employee training are integrated into the day-to-day working life, and not something that’s just tacked on. Managers and users can assign relevant employee education courses to their teams and track their progress throughout the workday.

Viva Topics is the final part of this employee experience technology and looks to connect people with knowledge and business leaders across the company to ensure that each person can undergo development and access knowledge tools that will improve their skills and abilities, as part of an integrated experience. Viva Topics feature topic cards, related documents, a content library, and conversations that can be accessed by people in the organisation to glean insight. 

How Everything Tech’s IT Support Services Can Help Your Company Integrate Viva’s Solutions

As you’ve just seen MS Viva is aiming to radically alter the way people can go about their daily working lives. By offering so many comprehensive services, users in Teams can feel, and work, as if they are in the office and taking advantage of learning opportunities, resources, and knowledge discovery. Platform services such as Viva can ensure employee wellbeing, sufficient levels of productivity, and a more collaborative experience, all backed up by workplace analytics and strong personal privacy settings. 

Here at Everything Tech, we’re confident we can help you take advantage of this new service that is due to roll out gradually throughout 2021. We’ll take time to understand your company, the business challenges you face, and your budget, before coming up with a bespoke Microsoft Viva portal for employees that has all the features, as well as comprehensive training, so that your business can do away with fragmented workplace tools, and enjoy an app for Teams that will radically change the way you work.

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