Manchester-based Microsoft Dynamics Installation And Training

Unlock the power of Microsoft Dynamics and ensure every member of your team is well versed in this fantastic business application. Our team at Everything Tech will work with your business to identify what elements of Dynamics will help you before installing and setting it up so that you’re good to go from day one. We adopt a more holistic approach to installation and will be there with you for every step helping to educate and solve problems as they occur. Additionally, we can provide you and your team with bespoke IT courses for Microsoft Dynamics that feature tangible learning outcomes so you know what to expect from your team when our courses are complete.

If you run a small to medium-sized business, you might have heard of Microsoft Dynamics and wondered if it was appropriate for your company. With it being used by so many global firms, you perhaps concluded that it wasn’t readily applicable for smaller operations.

That’s not the case however, and at Everything Tech we’ve extensive experience of applying all that this powerful set of tools has to offer to a wide range of different businessesWe can put tools at your fingertips that help your business run more smoothly. Used intelligently, and with proper training, Microsoft Dynamics can be truly transformative. Adopting it has been the catalyst for business change and growth that many company owners didn’t think was possible.

In short, it can:

  • Help your employees work better, smarter and faster.
  • Transform the way you work.
  • Reduce business risk.
  • Help drive your business forward.
  • Support business growth.


What Is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based enterprise platform that combines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into several apps for small to medium-sized businesses. The way that Microsoft Dynamics is set up allows users to start with what they need and grow and expand at a rate that is congruent to their own business expansion. Apps and functionalities can be added as and when. As opposed to spending hours installing Dynamics on dozens of computers, this application can be accessed from any web browser, putting it under the category of Software-As-A-Service or SaaS. As well as ease of access you and the rest of the business can rest assured knowing they never need to update or fix things as Microsoft will apply this automatically.

How Microsoft Dynamics Works

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful cloud-based set of tools for businesses. It combines a group of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, as well as resources for small and medium-sized businesses. What all this means is that Microsoft Dynamics empowers you with numerous apps and add-ons that address a variety of business needs.


Microsoft Dynamics is held on the cloud, which means that rather than spend hours installing Dynamics on all your company computers, it can be accessed from any web browser instantly. 

This gives it real flexibility, allowing your business to start with the tools you currently need, then develop the package you use as the size and needs of the business develops. This adaptability and flexibility give Microsoft Dynamics the edge. 

There’s no need to install a package of applications that you’re unlikely to use, or which aren’t particularly relevant to your business. Being bespoke, it enables your employees to get to grips much quicker with applications that support their work.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help companies better manage their interactions with their customers and clients. They allow you to better market your business, help streamline and optimise your sales and provide solutions to customer needs. 

It enables your company to automate the whole process of customer management, making the process much more agile and responsive. 

CRM is focused on the customer, taking and cataloguing data that can be used across the company. Its main goal is to provide a standardised set of data that can help improve sales and customer retention. This gives small and medium-sized businesses access to the kind of customer information that was once only accessible for much larger businesses. It creates more of a level playing field and allows smaller companies to compete and grow.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If a CRM is geared towards the customer, then Enterprise Resource Planning is all about the running of the business itself. ERP incorporates software applications that provide end-to-end business management tools. 

They can organise and automate things like financial management, manufacturing, supply change management, as well as day-to-day business operations such as human resources. 

Using familiar Microsoft products such as Outlook and Office 365, it allows you to connect company employees, systems and processes from one place that’s accessible from any device

Microsoft Dynamics simplifies all this and makes it less resource and time-hungry while at the same time improving overall efficiency.

The Top Uses Of Microsoft Dynamics Within A Business

Microsoft Dynamics has a wide range of uses within a business. It comprises six apps that help streamline your business operations, helping you and your employees be better connected and work more efficiently.


The Businesses And Industries Microsoft Dynamics Can Help

Microsoft Dynamics is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. It’s a valued part of the working life of different industries, including information technology, healthcare, construction, higher education and financial services. 

The list of users includes household names such as Hallmark, Weight Watchers, Toshiba and Qatar Airways. The success of Microsoft Dynamics, however, has less to do with big global brands, and more to do with the flexibility of the software. 

It can easily handle the intense demands of a multinational, but it’s also suitable for start-ups and other small businesses. Small businesses, with as few as two employees, use Microsoft Dynamics. You can choose the tools you require, adding more as your business grows and develops. This makes it not only easily scalable but also cost-effective. Whatever industry you’re working in, Microsoft Dynamics can likely play a part in streamlining and informing how your business operates.

At Everything Tech, we work with small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them find the right set of solutions to their needs. We help them with a bespoke installation of Microsoft Dynamics, which gives them the tools they need but doesn’t create extra headaches. This adaptability gives Microsoft Dynamics the edge over many of its competitors.

    Why Microsoft Dynamics is better than Salesforce

    The chief competitor of Microsoft Dynamics is Salesforce. Both offer broad functionality and have a range and depth of capabilities that put them ahead of their rivals. 

    How Do They Compare Against Each Other?

    There are some differences, particularly when it comes to how well they can be applied to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. There are various reasons why an increasing number of business users now consider Microsoft Dynamics to have the edge on its more established rival. 

    These include:

    • Development flexibility – Dynamics was designed to make it easy to customise for the specific needs of each customer. By accessing the extensive network of Microsoft Gold Partners, a business can get the tools they need without depending on third-party applications to supplement the main platform. The same does not apply to Salesforce.
    • No multi-platform headaches – With Salesforce you can be relying on third-party apps which means that you’re accessing multiple servers and sources. If one isn’t working as well as it should, it can compromise the functionality of everything else. When it does, it can be a costly and frustrating experience, particularly for smaller businesses. You can be confident when you use Microsoft Dynamics that won’t happen.
    • Security – With the use of third-party apps you don’t always know where your information is being stored. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can be assured that everything is stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This is already recognised as one of the safest in existence and has the full weight of Microsoft’s extensive and developing security protocols to protect it.
    • The Microsoft advantage – Microsoft is one of the most innovative companies in the world, as well as one of the largest. You can be confident that Dynamics will keep evolving to meet whatever challenges the business world may face in the future. As well as constant product evolution, it also allows for seamless integration with existing Microsoft platforms, such as Microsoft Office. When you work with a Microsoft Gold Partner, like Everything Tech, you can be assured that you will gain access to new developments in Microsoft technologies.
    • Cost-effective – Microsoft Dynamics works out as consistently cheaper than Salesforce, sometimes markedly so. This makes it a more realistic, as well as a comprehensive and adaptive option for small companies. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics is often much more affordable than many business owners realise.

    While Salesforce is a powerful platform, we believe Microsoft Dynamics offers a range of benefits that makes it the most appropriate choice for small to medium-sized businesses. 

    It can turbo-charge your sales, streamline how your business is run, and help your business to grow. As your business grows, it can adapt to you.


    Microsoft Dynamics links seamlessly with Microsoft Office

    As outlined above, one clear advantage that Microsoft Dynamics has over its competitors is that it links seamlessly with Microsoft Office. Both are incredibly powerful applications, with Office being the backbone of many businesses. 

    When the two are integrated they become even more versatile and powerful. Let’s explore some of the ways in which the complementary applications can be used to help grow your business.

    • Microsoft Excel – Your Excel documents can be updated automatically from the Microsoft Dynamics system, saving you vast amounts of time and effort. It can simplify data analysis, and your reports can be updated online, giving you a real-time view of all the information you need.
    • Microsoft Word – Microsoft Dynamics contains Word templates, giving you access to all the advanced benefits of Microsoft Word. Customer data can easily be merged into a Word template to create summaries.
    • Outlook – When Microsoft Dynamics is integrated with Outlook it creates a powerful set of tools. It allows you to easily keep track of your emails and lets you access sales data and customer appointments with a single click from Outlook Calendar. It enables you to create activity lists in response to emails, which are then automatically scheduled as tasks and added to the customer record.
    • SharePoint – The document management and collaboration tool SharePoint helps to maintain storage space. When it’s integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, customer data can be easily sourced from SharePoint. Documents containing customer data can be attached to the customer record. It also allows you to collaborate with users outside of the organisation, and to share documents externally.

    Everything Tech can help you get started with Microsoft Dynamics. Using Microsoft Dynamics can give your business a range of tangible benefits, whatever its size. It makes some of the most powerful and intelligent tools available for your company, streamlining how you do business. It can help you generate leads, better understand your customers and ensure they return. 

    Also, Microsoft Dynamics can provide a road map for projects, and make remote and mobile working easier. It can support the day-to-day operations of your business, without which your company would be unable to function. Despite this, many businesses are nervous about getting started with Microsoft Dynamics. To get the best out of technology, you need guidance from experts. That’s where Everything Tech comes in.

    We have many years of practical experience working with these applications and have helped countless businesses find the right solutions for their needs. 

    We can help you with advice and guidance about how to proceed. Working alongside you, we’ll identify which of the elements of Microsoft Dynamics will be best suited to your business. 

    Then we can take care of the installation process, ensuring you’re up and running with Microsoft Dynamics in no time at all. What’s more, we can then help train your staff on how to best make use of the software. 

    It’s no exaggeration to say that when we’ve worked with businesses to get them up and running with Microsoft Dynamics, the results have been truly transformative.

    We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, from architectural firmssolicitors to manufacturers, and everything else in-between. Whatever your industry or size of the business, we’d love to hear from you.

    Our Installation Process


    Microsoft Dynamics looks and sounds fantastic, that’s because it is! But, a lot of business can be put off and feel daunted about the installation process. This is where we come in. We have years of practical experience with these solutions which makes us the ideal company to help guide, install and train your company. We’ll work alongside you to identify which elements of Dynamics would be best for your business and then go ahead and install this on your business’ computer systems so that they’re ready to be used on day one. Once installed we can also train your team in how to use the selected solutions.

    Microsoft Gold Partners


    We’re proud to work with Microsoft as Gold Partners for small and mid-market cloud solutions. This means we have reached the highest standards of collaboration and partnership with Microsoft.

    This certification recognises that we have shown a commitment to applying the evolving Microsoft technologies to the needs of our clients. We believe this partnership makes us the best IT company in Greater Manchester to carry out your Microsoft Dynamics installation.

    If you run a small to medium-sized business in the Greater Manchester area and are looking for a bespoke introduction to Microsoft Dynamics, then we’d love to hear from you. Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your business?

    Interested In Some Manchester Based Microsoft Dynamics Installation And Training? Get In Touch!

    After years in IT and working with Microsoft as a Gold Partner for small and midmarket cloud solutions, we believe that we are the best IT company in Manchester to conduct Microsoft Dynamics installation. If you run or work for a small or medium-sized business in the Greater Manchester area and like the idea of working with Microsoft Dynamics but want to work with a company that can install it and make it bespoke to you, then get in touch with the experts at Everything Tech. 

    If you’re in accountancy, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, soliciting or any other industry, we’d be delighted to talk more about the Manchester-based Microsoft Dynamics training we offer, how the learning outcomes will benefit your business and how practical experience informs the learning.

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