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At Everything Tech, we offer experienced IT Support services to businesses and customers in the Wilmslow and South Manchester area. Our reliable services and skills are renowned, as is our ability to help implement the latest software and technology that can help your business improve all aspects of its daily operations, and increase the standard to which you produce work.

From ensuring you have rigorous cybersecurity measures in place, to our ‘Just Add Staff’ service which sees you enjoy all the latest technology for one simple price. At Everything Tech, we have a comprehensive range of solutions as well as years of experience, and, by combining these two elements, we’re confident that our specialists can help your company in Wilmslow with its IT infrastructure, software and network.

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You can call us on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries, 0161 826 2220 for sales or 0161 452 3233 for support.

We offer a quality, holistic approach to IT support at a fair price. We work to understand your entire business and your relationship with IT before coming up with solutions that speed up projects, improve the quality of work and lead to happier customers. Then, we take proactive steps to ensure that you’re going to avoid fundamental IT infrastructure issues and empower your team with skills and experience to utilise these solutions so they can work in a way that suits them which is something that you’ll benefit from as a company owner.

So, if you’re based in Wilmslow or the nearby areas of SalfordAltrincham or Bury and require IT support specialists who are experts in installation, technology and all aspects of Microsoft Office and cloud services then get in touch with us today by phone on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries, 0161 452 3233 for support or fill out the contact form.

These Are The 7 High-Quality IT Services That Our Specialists Offer

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The fear of unexpected blackouts, data loss or software corruption should be high on your list of fears if you’re a business owner who uses technology for aspects of their operations. Our experience allows us to implement rigorous backup and disaster recovery solutions that will reduce your time to recovery from hours to minutes.

Managed IT Services

Opting for managed IT services means that you get to enjoy all of the expertise and insight that comes with hiring IT experts without the time-consuming process of actually recruiting them! For a simple fee, you’ll have access to a team, and network of experts, who will raise the level of IT knowledge that flows through your business.

Managed IT Cyber Security

From installation right the way through to implementation, our managed IT cybersecurity services will ensure your whole business network is insulated from new levels of sophisticated cybercriminals. This service allows you to rest assured knowing your, and your customer’s, data is protected by people with huge experience in this field. 

Office 365 & Cloud Services

We’re a Gold Microsoft Partner; this accreditation means we’re perfectly placed to help you install or optimise your Office 365 infrastructure. We acutely understand the benefits of Office 365 and can listen to your business needs to find Microsoft solutions which actively improve your company practices in a slick and seamless way.

SharePoint Specialists

As SharePoint specialists, we have the experience, at our Manchester-based office, to make sure your team can collaborate and share vital information no matter where they are in the country. From the spare room to the board room, SharePoint, with the help of our team, can make constructive collaboration easy.

Unified Communications

If the past 12 months have shown us anything it’s that online communication is critical for businesses. By working with Everything Tech, we can help you deploy Unified Communications, including services such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, so your team feels comfortable communicating in ways that suit them.

Just Add Staff

With ‘Just Add Staff’ we can supply your entire building with all the latest, relevant technology for your business for just one simple monthly price. If you have some new team members starting, our experts can source, set up and supply you with all the equipment that a new person needs to get the job done from day one, we’ll ensure all the relevant software is downloaded and ready to be used.

Why All Different Types Of Businesses In Wilmslow And The North West Work With Everything Tech

Across Wilmslow, there are businesses that enjoy the proactive, holistic approach to IT support that our team at Everything Tech offer. It’s a real team effort and our personnel are experienced across a range of different areas of IT. 

This breadth of experience is matched by very few competitors and it allows us to solve virtually any issue as part of the overall approach, which is both cost-effective and good for long-term IT security. In addition to our knowledge, our proximity is also of benefit to Wilmslow-based businesses. Our main building is based in Manchester City Centre, which means we’re able to be on-site, helping you with your issues in no time. 

We’ll also work to get to know your business and look to impart our knowledge and wisdom so that, even after you finish working with us, your company is more comfortable with IT as a result. 

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If you’re based in Wilmslow or the nearby areas of Bolton and Rochdale, and are looking for comprehensive IT Support that is proactive and empowers your employees, then be sure to get in touch with us today by phone on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries or 0161 452 3233 for support or fill out the contact form on this page.

How can we help you?