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When it comes to caring for you clients, providing high quality and reliable IT support is of paramount importance. Examining the integrity of your infrastructure can help ensure that your work is optimised and eliminate many of the risks that can range from constant mild inconveniences to significant hazards that can impact your business.

So, what are the risks of not securing support and how can a managed IT service potentially help?

What Issues can you face?

While the risks facing each sector are different, those dealing with sensitive data, volume work, or client care are especially vulnerable to particular issues. These include-

Data Security:

No matter the size of your business, you will be dealing with information and documentation that needs the highest degree of privacy. This can range from simple inquiries, to wills, financial statements, disputes, and more. Failing to account for intrusion or data loss through negligence can leave you and your teams open to heavy fines and significant legal action. And while educating employees about the risks of social engineering can help, holes in your physical infrastructure can remain and – if forgotten about – can represent a landmine that you could blunder into years, months, or weeks from it being put in place.

Legal Compliance:

Since the introduction of GDPR, there has been increased pressure placed on companies to handle and process data within the bounds of the law. Failing to comply with this guidance can carry immense professional risk – often resulting in hefty fines, reputational loss, and leaving clients personally affected. Ensuring that your client data processing is conducted to the full regulatory standards is not only essential but extremely resource heavy – resulting in a significant internal burden.

Client Management:

Dealing with people is at the heart of every solicitor’s firm and allowing your clients to stay abreast of your work is essential. However, staff turnover and other issues can quickly create a logjam in your casework and repeated failures to provide adequate professional care can result in complaints, reluctance to receive additional support, and even loss. Ensuring that you are able to operate efficiently can allow your team to work sustainably, be able to retain the capacity to address client queries and provide a consistent level of service.

Technical Infrastructure:

While we may be living in uncertain times, the goal of every company should be to reach equilibrium and achieve sustainable growth. Unfortunately, expanding your workforce can be a significant obstacle – with onboarding, training, and data setup taking significant time to enact. Not having the correct hardware or software in place can make staffing prohibitively expensive, convoluted, and raise issues when it comes to market change or dealing to sectoral change – as seen in a recent need for businesses to adapt to teleconferencing because of Covid-19.

Disaster Recovery:

Though it’s unlikely that the worst will ever happen, it’s helpful to have steps in place to respond to situations where issues arise. Whether you’re dealing with power shortages, internet outages, data loss, or other technical issues – being able to get back on your feet quickly is vitally important when it comes to working with your valued clients. However, this can be demanding for your internal teams and difficult to justify the significant expenditure to ‘disaster proof’ your work – though the cost of dealing with issues when they arise is exponentially higher

What are managed IT Services?

Managed IT services allow you to outsource your need for technical support. Saving money and ensuring the highest possible standards in professional care without having to compromise.

Our team are based in Manchester and we provide businesses with 24 hour care, comprehensive cover, and hands-on support for a range of options when it is needed most. With fast response times and supported by our highly trained in-house team, we address your issues swiftly and undertake regular preventative maintenance according to your unique agreed schedule.

Available in a wide range of packages, this enables you to sign up for the kind of services and support that you truly need. This means enjoying a subscription that is fit for purpose, efficient, and ensures that you enjoy the level of care that you actually need instead of sustaining in house teams for protracted periods.

No matter the size of your business, a managed IT service can help you react to change more swiftly, ensure compliance and efficiency, and make a difference to your daily work where it truly counts. And if you are unsure about what elements you need, there are a range of service level agreements to ensure that you can enjoy the care you actually need and do without any extras.


How can managed IT Support help?

Choosing to use a managed IT service for your business or practice can carry a number of significant advantages. These include-

No Compromise on Security:

Choosing a managed service allows you to enjoy comprehensive cover. This includes the provision of hardware infrastructure that is fully GDPR compliant and organically enforces best practice. Our team regularly reviews every element of the sector and we will work with you to ensure that you take advantage of industry best-practice and achieve a solution that is right for your unique needs.

Bespoke Care:

Working with Everything Tech allows us to understand your approach and validate your unique needs. No company is the same and neither is any individual. Your dedicated agent will be your first point of contact and capture any feedback to ensure that no insights or requests are lost. And if you have specific needs or requirements as part of your daily work, we are happy to work with you to fully address them. This includes the provision of proactive support and ensuring that issues are tackled long before they truly surface.

Efficient Engagement:

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a system that stands in the way of working the way that you want to. If no solution is right for you, we will consult with your team to find a platform that is right for your needs and budget. And if none are available, we will advise on how to get the results you need through a combination of software and hardware that fits your use-case. This allows for the creation of a flexible working environment and enables your teams to work remotely, securely share data, or enjoy tiered access with ease.

Managed Services:

This allows you to enjoy responsive, cost-effective care and continue to enjoy the standards that your internal teams have set. While having an in-house team is helpful, our staff enjoy access to industry standard technology, training, and are highly responsive. Our subscription entitles to you as much care as you need and lets you pick up the phone and get immediate support or hands-on help.

Structure and Design Review:

If you’re struggling with your processes or data access, we’re here to help. Our team will work with you to understand your needs, approach and capacity for data storage – ensuring that your business elements work exactly as needed. This can be as simple as streamlining process steps or working with you to provide an end-to-end business solution that works with your time and resource budget and drives for efficiency.

Process Automation:

We believe that ‘this is the way we’ve always done things’ is an excuse rather than an answer. If you’re dealing with regular issues and logjams in your process steps, our team will work with you to understand and address the problem. This can help speed up data entry, allows for secure access to sensitive information, and much more. We can also put steps in place that allows for improved validation – ensuring that information is correct and common or critical errors are avoided.

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