IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

No matter the size of your business, IT support is vitally important to ensure that your manufacturing company is operating with optimal efficiency.

Whether you are struggling with your hardware, digital infrastructure, or looking to optimise your licensing and setup – ensuring that your teams are fully responsive and supported is paramount.

Why is IT Support so crucial?

When it comes to contacting clients, sharing plans for new projects, or addressing issues in your
pipelines – your IT setup can help directly address common issues throughout your business.

Seeking out a reliable, dedicated support provider can help your teams tackle everyday issues head-on,
allowing your teams to operate with greater accuracy and optimise their approach to respond to
changes in the modern marketplace.


Some common issues encountered by clients include-

Technical Issues:

No matter the software you deploy to carry out your daily tasks, ensuring that it is
fully licensed and up-to-date is essential. This can help address issues around compliance,
compatibility, and help you save time when reviewing demanding schematics on outdated hardware.
Finding the right setup for your teams can help expand the services you offer and help save time
when it matters most.

Communication and Outreach:

Dealing with your range of clients requires the ability to be
contactable, share key information, and allow your teams the autonomy and oversight they need to
complete their work. Failing to select the right platform to support your teams can result in errors,
miscommunication, and issues around requirements gathering or pipeline management – often
creating more problems than they solve.

Data Storage:

When it comes to working on manufacturing projects, schematics, outlays, and
process charts are key. Failing to be able to access the information you need when you need it can
result in log-jams, client dissatisfaction, and issues around GDPR compliance and poor press in the
event of a data breach. Finding the right unified platform can allow your teams tiered access,
trackability, and confidence that the right data is there for the right person when it’s required.

Technical Paralysis:

A rapidly changing market demands that businesses keep up with the latest
digital standards, operating practices, and platforms. Failing to do so in a timely manner can result in
significant resource expenditure as you struggle to keep up and frustration amongst your team
members as you re-train them. Steady, incremental change allows for sustainable care and keeping
costs at a minimum.

How do we help?

At Everything Tech, we understand the importance of providing all our clients with bespoke, 
detail-oriented care. This involves understanding your unique needs, recurring issues, and providing 
you with a cost-effective solution that directly addresses your issues in a way that suits your daily 
Our range of services include, but are not limited to- 

Disaster Recovery: 

Downtime can be hugely damaging, especially when it comes to volume work or detailoriented projects. 
Preparing for outages, technical failures, or malicious attacks can help massively reduce the time required to get your system up and running again or undertake emergency recovery to retrieve lost data. 

Deploying a regular backup 
ensures that you are able to respond to any issue in a timely manner and reduce your recovery period from days to minutes.

Office 365 and Cloud Services: 

As Microsoft Gold partners, our teams are fully qualified to provide a bespoke Office 365 solution for your business – allowing you to customise the platform to match your established workflow. 
This includes SharePoint integration, data migration, process optimisation, and much more.

Unified Communications: 

Unifying your communications through clear channels ensures that all members of your team and client base can be contacted in moments. This allows all members of your company to act with full confidence with all stakeholders, allowing for 
seamless conference calls, ongoing data capture for requirements and specifications, and more.

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