IT Support for Architects

When it comes to delivering on a high-value build project, it’s important to remove any technical obstacles in your path.

Whether you are struggling to deal with your office infrastructure, communication issues, or improving your data storage – having the right tools at your fingertips is essential.

Why is it so important?

We know that any ongoing project requires a high degree of accuracy and time management – with hundreds of emails, communications, and plans captured and critiqued every day, there’s lots to juggle.

With such a high volume of interaction, any roadblocks can quickly become insurmountable obstacles, resulting in the loss of time, resource, and even clients.

Seeking out dedicated IT support can help you tackle these issues head on and ensure that you are
equipped to meet challenges and optimise your daily workflow.

Some commonplace issues include:

Reduced Efficiency:

Not having the right software or setup can quickly see your work grind to a halt. 

Whether you are dealing with technical issues, hardware faults, or other issues; receiving timely, 
professional care can allow you to tackle your problems and ensure that your teams have all the 
tools they need to finish out their projects.

Communication Issues: 

Dealing with a range of clients, colleagues, and collaborators requires an 
infrastructure that allows you to capture and respond to a high volume of interactions in a range of 
formats. Having a poor quality system can make miscommunications commonplace, requirements 
hard to validate, and even result in projects extending their budget.

Data Storage: 

Cloud computing is a highly effective tool when it comes to collaborating or working 
remotely. However, setting up a system can take time and resource to maintain – running the risk of 
your work becoming non GDPR compliant. Ensuring that your infrastructure is put in place correctly 
can allow for long-term sustainability and allow you to work remotely on projects without risk of 
data breaches and the negative publicity and potential fines that follow it.

Business Improvements: 

Choosing an effective IT infrastructure enables your teams to operate with 
greater efficiency and ensures that your business is positioned to sectoral change. This can be as 
simple as new construction standards, ISO protocols, and more. Future-proofing your practice can 
allow you to remain fully compliant in the face of growth, restructuring, and meet any challenges 
you meet head on.

How do we help?

At Everything Tech, we understand the importance of providing all our clients with bespoke, detail-oriented care. 

This involves understanding your unique needs, recurring issues, and providing 
you with a cost-effective solution that addresses your issues. 
No matter the size of your practice, we provide-  

Disaster Recovery and Backup Management:

Data loss is hugely damaging to any sector, whether 
you are dealing with a period of downtime or undertaking emergency recovery to save lost 
information. Deploying a regular backup allows you to regularly update your cloud storage and cut 
the downtime from days to minutes.

Office 365 and Cloud Services: 

As Microsoft Gold partners, our teams are fully qualified to provide a 
bespoke Office 365 solution for your business – allowing you to customise the platform to match 
your established workflow. This includes SharePoint integration, data migration, process 
optimisation, and more.

Unified Communications: 

Streamlining and unifying your communications through one discrete 
channel can ensures no team member is ever out of reach. This allows your employees to work 
remotely with confidence and engage with high value clients with ease, allowing for seamless 
conference calls, the use of effective hardware, and more.

Just Add Staff: 

Struggling to onboard new employees? Our unique new service allows you to pay a 
single price per user every month to allow access to all the hardware, software and infrastructure 
care you need to keep your system operational – keeping your costs and overheads low.  
No matter the issues you find yourself facing, our customer support teams work to provide the 
timely, detail-oriented care you need to address your issues with the minimum of disruption.

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