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As a business owner in Bury, many potential issues can arise within your IT systems and procedures, which can not only hinder the day to day workings of your company but, if left, can hamper your long-term business objectives. Here at Everything Tech, we work with lots of local businesses in the Bury area and the surrounding areas of WilmslowRochdale and Bolton with their IT Support and look forward to helping you!

If IT is something you know to be important, but you feel you don’t have the expertise or time at hand to implement your solutions, you should get in touch with us. From developing your Office 365 infrastructure, and creating thorough backup solutions, to ensuring your cyber-security is strong and will help mitigate any potential issues – our fully managed IT support packages will allow you to take care of your business objectives, while we ensure everything runs smoothly.

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You can call us on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries, 0161 826 2220 for sales or 0161 452 3233 for support.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, our team of experts are perfectly placed to help your Bury-based business improve your Office 365 infrastructure, including Teams, Business Voice and Sharepoint. Alternatively, we can give you the support and advice needed to help you build or transfer to entirely new Microsoft Office systems.

So, if you’re based in Bury, Greater Manchester and are looking for a team of experts to help you with IT Support then get in touch with us here at Everything Tech today. Our fully managed IT support packages will give you additional support and ensure your IT systems are maximised to their fullest potential. Get in touch online by filling out the contact form on this page or call us on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries or 0161 452 3233 for support.

The IT Support Solutions We Can Help Your Business Based In Bury With

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How bad would data loss, server failure or a power outage be to your business? For most businesses, be they digital marketing firms, solicitors or architects, the answer is very bad. We’ll help your business by ensuring that should any of these situations occur, your time to recover is seconds and minutes, not days and weeks.

Managed IT Services

An ideal IT solution if you want all the benefits of an in-house IT team without having to invest thousands of pounds in recruiting, interviewing and hiring people. Our team will act as your very own IT department and, as well as helping you with immediate issues, will proactively look to prevent more damaging problems cropping up in the future.

Managed IT Cyber Security

We all know cyber-security is important, but to most, it can seem daunting, complicated and these fears lead to businesses ignoring the issue. However, by working with Everything Tech, you can rest easy knowing the experts are in charge and making sure your cyber-security is adaptable and able to deal with complex attacks.

Office 365 & Cloud Services

Office 365, and its associated Cloud Services, can radically alter the way your business and employees work, for the better. Our Gold Microsoft Partner status means we can help you find a suitable package of Microsoft solutions that will empower and free your employees to work in ways that suit them.

SharePoint Specialists

Now, more than ever, the need to collaborate from disparate locations is vital. SharePoint, with the help of Everything Tech, can enable your teams to talk and work from wherever they are based

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Why Businesses in Bury Work With Everything Tech

Bury businesses love Everything Tech, not only because we’re based in Manchester, and can undergo ad hoc IT support callouts when needed but, we also work hard to understand your entire business and then offer IT support that is going to compliment your current processes. The goal of this is to make sure that IT is nothing but a benefit to your business and not another annoying problem that you have to think about.

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Our office is situated in the heart of Manchester which means we can help your Bury-based business as well as other companies located nearby in Altrincham and Salford. So, if you’re looking for IT support, want to enjoy the latest technology and protect yourself from cyber-security threats, be sure to get in touch with us at Everything Tech today. You can call our helpdesk team on 0161 826 2220 for general enquiries or 0161 452 3233 for support.

How can we help you?