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Comprehensive Business IT Support Services

If you’re a business that operates in Altrincham, or the surrounding areas in Greater Manchester such as BoltonBury and Rochdaleyou should consider having managed support for your IT systems from the expert team here at Everything Tech.

IT is too often considered an afterthought. Time, money and knowledge are just a few reasons why businesses get stuck with old software and outdated ways of working all of which affect business continuity. Here at Everything Tech, we can offer your Altrincham-based business IT support that offers you relevant services and is proactive in ensuring your business, be it a medium or small business, has the latest technology and software available to work faster and more collaboratively.

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You can call us on 0161 826 2220 to discuss your IT needs!

If you’re interested in the Microsoft Modern Workplace, Office 365 or any other cloud services offered by Microsoft then Everything Tech is the perfect option for your Altrincham-based business. Why? We’ll we’re a Gold Microsoft Partner which means we’re ideally suited to provide you with excellent service and strategic direction about which elements of Office 365 and the Modern Workplace are best for your business. 

So if you want professional IT support services from a business based in Greater Manchester that’s going to give you additional support and maximum value then be sure to get in touch with Everything Tech Today. Call our sales team on 0161 826 2220

The Expert IT Solutions We Can Implement 


Below is a range of the professional IT services that we can offer you and your team. Expect an unparalleled service and proactive monitoring no matter which services you choose.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If a complete server failure, internet black-out or accidental deletion of data would cripple your business, which it most likely would, then backup & disaster recovery is something you should consider. We’ll create a procedure so that should the worst happen we can be on hand to reduce your time to recovery from hours to minutes. 

Managed IT Cyber Security

How important is cybersecurity to you? The answer should be very important. Proper cybersecurity is fundamental to your business’s success but it can be hard to understand what approach is right for you. As a Cyber Essentials partner, we’re able to create systems that prevent sophisticated cyberattacks from happening to your business.

Office 365 & Cloud Services

The ability to work remotely, using collaborative tools, has never been more important. We’ll help you design an Office 365 architecture and implement cloud services so you can offer true remote working to your employees. These services also allow for greater collaboration and communication between colleagues.

SharePoint Specialists

SharePoint’s cloud technology lets your team work and collaborate more effectively. Our depth of knowledge, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, makes us perfectly suited to help your Altrincham business improve productivity and efficiency.

Unified Communications

Internally businesses communicate in a variety of ways, Unified Communications allows you to tie these methods of communication, from Skype and Microsoft Teams to instant messaging and voice notes, under one roof. It’s quicker, easily traceable and allows colleagues to talk and work in ways that suit them.

Just Add Staff

Focus on just adding staff to your business and let us work on bringing you the right technology. Keep cash in your business and avoid spending thousands on products that will be out of date in a year’s time. For just one simple fee, we’ll provide you with the latest hardware and software for you to use. 

Why Altrincham Businesses Like Managed IT Support From EverythingTech

We’ve worked with a number of businesses in Altrincham and the surrounding areas of Sale, Salford and Wilmslow. Our existing clients enjoy working with Everything Tech because of our proactive approach to IT support. Too often IT companies will wait for a problem to arise before doing anything. We don’t like this way of working, we’d rather avoid the problems altogether which is why our team spend time finding chinks in your IT armour and implementing solutions so your IT infrastructure is stronger and more efficient than ever.

Our office is located in the heart of Manchester city centre meaning we can easily visit your Altrincham business if needs be. This close proximity means your business can enjoy the full services that we offer here at Everything Tech.

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If you’re a business that operates in Altrincham and wants all the benefits of managed IT support than be sure to get in touch with the team here at Everything Tech. Just call our sales team on 0161 826 2220.

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