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Shared, Managed & Serviced Offices – Huge Risk, Easy to Fix

By Ryan Browne on 19/02/2019

If your business is in a shared office building there is a massive hidden risk to the security of your data.

The problem is that, with most business centres, certainly the more well-known ones in the shared/managed office world (not mentioning any names!), your equipment is housed in a shared ‘comms’ (communications) room. And because every man and his dog has access to that room and they are generally badly managed by non-service people, they’re usually a mess (here’s a picture I took of one just last week):

[caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="640"] 'Spaghetti junction'. We see this a lot.[/caption]

If you consider typical IT security protocol, most companies will have their networks protected by a firewall and have their comms equipment in their building, so getting access is tricky, but if you’re in a shared comms arrangement, any unscrupulous character (or hacker) can walk in and plug a network cable directly into your switch/router. This presents an immense risk to your business’s security. It’s basically akin to leaving all of your computers connected to the internet with no security measures in place - anyone with even a small amount of IT knowledge can see everything without breaking into a sweat.

The solution?

This blog wouldn’t be much use if we didn’t offer you solutions as well as cite problems! If the issue (or the picture) above strikes a chord with you and your business and you’re in the Greater Manchester area, Everything Tech can fix it for you. Not only that, we can fix it for free, and without the need for any fancy software or hardware - we implement the technology free of charge for any client whose office is in a shared building.

Just one of the many great services we offer to our clients to keep your business secure and running smoothly. If you’re not yet onboard, contact us today to discuss the different options available to you. Remember: prevention is better than cure(and usually less costly) – we see too many businesses failing to review their IT security until disaster strikes. Don’t let that be you! EverythingTech offer Disaster Recovery, IT Services and Support in Manchester.

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