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Choosing the right IT Provider

By Ryan Browne on 04/02/2019

There are hundreds of IT providers operating across the UK some good and some bad. We think we’re one of the best in the country (of course we would say that) but it’s not only our confidence that makes us think that, our service level agreements and feedback speak a thousand words. We’ve been working incredibly hard to improve our SLA’s recently and here’s how they give us the confidence that we’re doing an amazing job for our clients.

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements are a commitment to how quickly we respond to requests for changes and IT Support issues that occur for our customers, for us the important SLA’s are split into two parts:

Initial / Initial Response

As an IT service provider, the first response is vital, it’s the time it takes us to initially triage a call or email from a customer, we need to do this quickly because it’s how we decide how quickly we need resolve the problem. Our technical people asses the severity of the problem by understanding how many people are effected and whether the problem is preventing the user working, what might seem trivial to us might be seriously hindering productivity for the customer and so we encourage the team to ask “is this problem stopping you working, when, ideally would you like it to be solved”.

Our commitment to our customers is to have your issues triaged within 30 minutes and the image below proves that we’re getting nearly 100% of our support tickets looked at in less than that.


Getting Problems resolved

The next part of our job is getting issues fixed. Our performance here is also measured by a service level agreement. Once we triage the problem and agreed a fix time with the customer we then classify the severity of the issue and define the fix time. For example, a customer might call and tell us their email isn’t working, clearly this is important as it’s the primary method of communication for most companies. This kind of issue would pick up a one-hour fix time SLA and would immediately escalate to a technician with the skills to resolve the problem quickly.

The graph below shows that we’re fixing nearly 98% of problems and change requests within the agreed time, this is a huge achievement given our extremely tight targets.




The final way we measure our performance is through the feedback we get from our customers. After every single support ticket our customers are encouraged to give us feedback and we’re proud to say that our customers take the time to respond and tell us. Our feedback scores are measured one to five stars and the survey score graph shows we’ve never received and average feedback level of less that 4.5 stars, in fact since June we’re up there between 4.9 and 5 stars, an amazing statistic.


Make the right choice

When you’re choosing your IT Support provider ask them to show you these statistics, most of them won’t even measure them and they almost certainly won’t be able to demonstrate them to you there and then.

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