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What can technology do for my business?

By Ryan Browne on 19/02/2019

It’s a question you should be asking your IT manager all the time, in fact it’s the most important question and you should ask it every time you see them. The best part of being an IT manager is making things better, improving the efficiency of the business.

For example, I found out last week that a sales admin person at one of our customers calls all the suppliers that they have active jobs with each evening for a status update. It takes about an hour to ring around, get the update and document it in their system. The customer wasn’t thinking about how technology could help, but it’s your IT suppliers job to get involved and change things for the better.

Within a couple of days we had an automated email going out, the supplier could click a link telling us if the job was on track or not and enter notes if required.

We saved about six hours a week, that’s almost a whole working day more productive.

Simple solution to save time and money.

Don’t have a break / fix relationship with your IT Support provider, get them involved in the business and it will pay dividends. Good geeks want to be useful not hated.

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