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Top five outlook tips

By Ryan Browne on 19/02/2019

My Top 5 Outlook Tips
We all use Outlook every day but only use a small percentage of its amazing features.

Here are my top 5 time savers


  1. A New anything

If you have loads of things open on your task bar and you want to create something quickly you can right click the outlook icon to add a new email, calendar entry or task, quick and easy.

  1. Show unread items.

If you’re rubbish at keeping your inbox tidy and find yourself constantly looking for unread items you can just view the unread ones


  1. Use Quick Steps

If you constantly find yourself doing something repetitive, like moving messages to a folder you can create a quick step, quick steps allow you to press one button to perform an action.

  1. Right Click Flag for follow up

I often get emails that I need to deal with but are not urgent, I need to be reminded to do something say tomorrow or next week. I use the right click menu for this to ‘Follow up next week’

  1. Delay your email

We’ve all forgot to attach a file, forgot to add something or sent something to the wrong person. I have a simple outlook rule that delays every message I send by 3 minutes. It’s simple to do with these steps.

  • Click "Rules" dropdown on the tool "ribbon"

  • Select "Manage Rules & Alerts"

  • Click "New Rule..."

  • Highlight "Apply rule on messages I send"

  • Click "Next"

  • Click "Next" again

  • Click "OK" to the dialogue warning you that this rule will apply to every message you send

  • Check "Defer delivery by a number of minutes"

  • In the lower area, click the "a number of" link and set it to whatever you like

  • Click "OK"

  • Click "Finish"

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