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A Week of Free IT Advice for SME’s - Day 4

By Ryan Browne on 19/02/2019

Disaster Recovery Made Affordable!

Ask yourself one question.

If my server went down right now what is an acceptable amount of time to have it back up and running? From the minute it fails the clock is ticking, no email, no database, no internet…..what a disaster that would be! We have had 3 of our own customers have huge disasters this year but as luck would have it we are their IT Company so we got them back to work within hours. Ask your IT Services provider how long they think it would take to get you back up and running and we expect your answers won’t match! We use the most dynamic, revolutionary hardware that provides affordable and reliable Disaster Recovery. So if you don’t contact us now!

EverythingTech offer Disaster Recovery, IT Services and Support in Manchester.

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