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For every accountancy practice, providing the right level of care for your clients and staff is critical. Whether you are newly established, part of a growing team or a long-established firm – ensuring that you have the right level of IT support is absolutely essential.

What Issues can you face?

Having the right infrastructure for your business is crucial. And with issues around COVID 19 highlighting just how much a sector can be disrupted, it is essential to have failsafes in place.

Some commonplace problems include:


Any accountancy practice deals with extremely sensitive client information. This contains a mixture of personal details, professional and individual accounts, and much more. It is vital that these are stored securely and in a way that cannot be easily accessed through online intrusion, phishing tactics or both. This can result in significant damage to your professional reputation, fines from individual bodies, and clients and other significant issues. It is therefore vital that you safeguards in place.


With GDPR coming into force on 25th May 2018, this year sees us outside the grace period for infractions or issues. If personal data regulations are not followed, these can result in significant penalties. While these are seen as stringent, they will be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future legislation. Having your physical and technical infrastructure set up in a way that allows your business to be reactive to change and growth is essential and the costs of doing it in reaction to change rather than through pre-planning are significant.


 Accountancy is an exacting and arduous process. While there may be processes and formulae in place, one of the biggest problems facing modern businesses is responding to volume – especially in the run up to tax deadlines or individual milestones for clients. Validating, storing and completing documentation for clients can take time and without a shared digital infrastructure, you can find it difficult to complete with larger – or even smaller and better equipped  firms.


Errors made in personal and professional accounts can be profound and far reaching. Individual typos can cause problems, forgotten forms creating logjams, and even dealing with quantities of client data can cause delays and end up costing you and your clients money. While workflow and error checking are essential, we’re only human and problems can quickly slip through the net. This can result in frustration and reputational loss at best and lost clients, additional expense at worst.


No business will be free of issues. From technical outs, hardware issues, any number of problems can happen and recovering from them can be extremely challenging. If your systems are down, getting back on your feet can be challenging. And time spent waiting for your system to come back up is wasted time for your employees, resulting in a logjam that can be impossible to shift without significant expenditure of resource and effort.


While providing client care is essential, your business has to remain profitable. For many companies, there is a need to justify every expense and asset and no simple way to streamline your services. This can make it difficult to maintain the critical mass of staff you need, attract the best quality candidates with competitive salaries, and manage your marketing, accounts, and technical infrastructure.

Thankfully, if your business has been affected by any of these issues, there is a potential solution that can help your business no matter its size or background – managed IT services

What are managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are designed to allow your business to fully outsource your in-house technical support without compromising on responsiveness or quality. This allows you to save money, cut back on resource expenditure, and ensure the highest possible standards in professional care without being forced to compromise.

Based in the city of Manchester, Everything Tech provides businesses with 24-hour care, comprehensive coverage, and hands-on support when it is needed most. With fast response times, our in-house team and agents work to build an in-depth understanding of your needs and processes, letting you address your issues fast and undertake regular preventative maintenance when it is required.

Offering a comprehensive of packages, clients can be assured of receiving the level of bespoke service and support that you truly need.

No matter the size of your business, a managed IT service can help make the most of your budget, help achieve key goals and targets, and ensure full compliance in an age of GDPR and data security.  If you are still uncertain about the elements you need, we also offer a range of service level agreements to match your daily practice and that enable you to enjoy the services you need with no hidden add-ons or extras.  

How can managed IT Support help?

By choosing the right managed service provider, your teams can be empowered to directly address recurring issues, prep for handling future problems, and quickly troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

This includes-

Quality Security:

Selecting the right managed service provider lets you enjoy coverage that fits your unique use case and setup. This involves the deployment of a quality, GDPR compliant hardware infrastructure that allows your team to safely and confidently carry out their jobs. Our technicians can carry out a full review of your system and suggest some quick wins and essential changes to ensure quality care.

Bespoke Care:

Our teams work to fully understand your approach and take the time required to detail your needs. This allows you to schedule maintenance outside of key project milestones and  capture any needs or requests, ensuring a clean communication pipeline. Doing so allows for the delivery of timely, proactive support that lets us address problems with minimal disruption.

Process Modernisation:

Optimising your approach and processes is essential and if you are struggling to complete tech-dependant tasks, we are here to ensure that your system is fit for purpose. This can be as simple as choosing an appropriate software platform, optimising your cloud storage, or ensuring that your hardware and smart devices are fully up to the task. We will always provide a range of options to suit your needs and unique schedule – cultivating a shared, flexible working environment that is reactive to change.

Managed Services:

Choosing the right managed services provider allows you to enjoy responsive, cost-effective care without having to be restricted by cost or internal expertise. This can involve an end-to-end review of your infrastructure or just ‘picking up’ where the previous team left off and continuing to enjoy the high standards that you have come to expect. In addition to significant cost savings, our teams also enjoy access to industry standard technologies, training, and are highly responsive to your needs. Our range of subscription packages allow you to access as much care as you need and let you pick up the phone and get immediate care or hands-on help when time is a factor.

Structural Review:

If you’re struggling with your internal processes or data handling, we’re here to help. Our team work with you to understand your unique brief, approach and needs for data storage – ensuring that your business elements work exactly as needed. This can be as simple as streamlining process steps or working to provide a complex business solution that helps your drive for efficiency.

Optimisation and Automation:

If you’re dealing with regular issues and logjams in your daily practice, our teams will work hand-in hand with you to map out and address. This can help speed up data entry, allow for tiered access to sensitive information, and much more. We can also put steps in place to allows for improved validation – ensuring that information is correct and common or critical errors are avoided.

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